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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is The Last Stand Of The Panthers

The Last Stand Of The Panthers is the very last substory in the courier quest-chain. Congratulations you finally made it to the end of their story. However, first we need to complete it. For this one you will need to have completed the previous substory, The Panthers’ Playmaker

From there we will then need to make our way over to Fushimi. Ready for the final showdown?

SUBSTORY QUEST: Last Stand Of The Panthers
CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – The Two Ryomas
REWARDS: Great Serpent Skin, 400 Virtue
LOCATION: Shinmachi (Fushimi)


(NOTE: Complete the Panthers’ Playmaker substory before beginning this one)

Head to Shinmachi, which is in Fushimi and the street which the Teradaya resides on. Here we will confront Takeda, the apparent lady-killer. Who will be gossiping with a few ladies, no surprises there.

Hirakawa will then intervene. Claiming that Ryoma will never beat Takeda and the race is on. This time we need to deliver a total of 12 letters to their clients.

After racing and defeating Takeda, Hirakawa will mention that the Black Panthers have been the fastest courier team in Kyo ever since her husband passed. Now that streak has been defeated she can no longer carry it on.

This is the final substory in the courier quest chain.


For me this substory became available during Chapter 7 – The Two Ryomas. When we are tasked with meeting Kondo back at the barracks.

We can then find the Black Panther Couriers group just outside of the Inn, over on the Shinmachi Street. Here Takeda will be busy talking with a bunch of ladies by the river. Intervene with his personal endeavours to begin.


As you continue to progress within the Black Panther Courier substories or quest-chain. It will inevitably begin to get increasingly more difficult. Especially with Takeda.

Takeda is the very final member within the Black Panther group that we will need to race. Being the final substory for the Black Panther Courier storyline, it will inevitably be difficult to beat.

That is, if you have not prepared yourself first. By this I mean purchased the necessary upgrades. By heading to the Shrine we can purchase the ability known as ‘Enhanced Sprinting’.

The ‘Enhanced Sprinting’ ability allows Ryoma to run much faster and for longer. Without them he will easily and, lets face it, quite quickly become fatigued. To remedy this go ahead and purchase the upgrades. There are four levels in total. With the final level costing 12,000 virtue.

This then concludes The Last Stand Of The Panthers substory and the final substory within the courier quest-chain. We don’t get to unlock any new and exciting trophies or achievements for finishing all of them but we do get to enjoy the team bonding. Oh and the apparent obsession that Kiyokawa now has on Ryoma.

(Note: Remember if you find yourself struggling to complete this one then purchase the required and necessary sprinting upgrades over at the shrine)


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