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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substories or side quests for players to get their teeth into. These substories are split into various different categories for each individual location. From Gio, Rakunai, Mukurogai, and many more.

There is a total of 72 substory quests to find and complete altogether. At first these quests will only be available depending on your current chapter. However, none of them are missable. You can come back to them in Premium Adventure Mode. Once the main story has been completed.

Below is a list of these available substory quests.


All In The Hips

Death Of The Author

The Junk Boy

Its A Long Story

Its A Long Story – The Final Chapter

Its A Long Story – Epilogue

Wood Cutter

Ee Ja Nai Ka

The Desperate Fisherman

A Clean Streak

Scented Water

A Man and His Sack

The Frequently Lost Courier

The Filthy Cat

The Patient Dog

The Captain and The Curious

Invasion Of The Black Ships?

The Last Stand Of The Panthers


Deceitful Deity

Nichibuza’s Newest Fan

Shogi (Video Guide)

I’ll Miss You Miho

Talkin Tosa

Global Fraud

The Injured Grandma

The Mochi Mystery

Ee Ja Nai For Justice

The Unwilling Courier

Enter the Black Panther Couriers

The Barking Dog

The Oblivious Woman

The Love-Starved Husband

The Lucky Cat

The Panthers’ Leading Man

The Hungry Sumo Wrestler

The Panthers’ Playmaker


Who’s Entertaining Who?

Ee Ja Not Ka

The Reclusive Son

Sonno Joui

The Sword Nut

The Mysterious Merchant

The Hungry Cat

The Amnesiac

The Spitfire Town Protector

Bluffin’ Up The Wrong Alley

Palanquin Paladin


The Bad Side Of Town

Brawler For Hire

The Servile Beggar

The Injured Dog

The Trash Dealer


The Revolutionary Chef

Soft and Supple

The Sexy Madam

Finders Weepers


The Boy Who Loves Veggies

Hope Blossoms Again

Mama Ryoma



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