Like A Dragon: Ishin – Talkin Tosa (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its Talkin Tosa

Talkin Tosa is an optional substory quest that sees Ryoma interacting with a local resident and owner of the kimono shop. He has come across a letter that has been written in the Tosa language dialect. Unfortunately he does not understand the language but wants someone to help him translate the latter for him.


CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves

QUEST GIVER: Young Man (Fujie)

REWARDS: Fine Silk Fabric, Platinum Chunk, Phoenix Feather, 350 Virtue

LOCATION: Kawaramachi (Rakunai)


Head to Kawaramachi and just behind the ‘Nichibuza’ there will be a man (Young Man) who seems to be looking for someone from Tosa. Ryoma will seem a bit apprehensive, have the authorities caught up with him? Turn out no, they have not.
Instead this ‘young man’ needs to find someone from Tosa as he has received a letter that was sent from that location. Unfortunately for him, he cannot currently read it.

The ‘young man’ will then introduce himself as ‘Fujie’ and apparently he runs a kimono shop in town. He will then continue to mention that a woman named Okinu went to his shop. She was the one from Tosa. Fujie also seems to have an interest in her. The two have since been writing letters to each other. Agree to ‘Help translate’.

Ryoma will then try to help Fujie translate the letter. During which we will then be given several dialogue options to choose from. This includes; It’s been a while, You’re late to the game, and A lot of men want me
The correct dialogue choice is; It’s been a while (Top)

We will be given a second set of dialogue options to choose from. This includes; Ow, I, and The kimono
The correct dialogue option choice is; ‘I’ (Middle)

The third set of dialogue options include; She means ”you”, She’s calling you a little boy, and She means ”everything”
The correct dialogue option choice is; She means ”you” (Top)

After the conversation we can leave the area. Just head down the path for a bit and Fujie will then reappear in his usual spot. Speak with him once again.


OPTION 1) She means ”are you steadfast?”, She means ”is that every day?”, She means ”are you religious?”
CORRECT ANSWER: She means ”is that every day?” (Middle)

OPTION 2) Her heart aches, She’s moving place to place, She’s at peace
CORRECT ANSWER: Her heart aches (Top)

OPTION 3) Meet with a clean slate, Meet for only a moment, Meet soon
CORRECT ANSWER: Meet soon (Bottom)


OPTION 1) Bend my butt, Stumble and fall, Wear a chonmage
CORRECT ANSWER: Stumble and fall (Middle)

OPTION 2) Cowardly Men, Portly Men, Dehydrated Men
CORRECT ANSWER: Cowardly Men (Top)

OPTION 3) Tell her she’s sexy, Tell her if you’re ever on fire, Tell her how you feel
CORRECT ANSWER: Tell her how you feel (Bottom)

Leave once again after doing the final set of dialogue options and come back a bit later. Fujie will return and tell us that he is now going to get married. Substory quest then comes to an end.


So Fujie’s proposal was a success. Warms my heart to think that my knowledge of the tosa dialect helped him out.


Tosa – A domain encompassing much of Shikoku’s southern region, ruled by the Yanauchi clan. The area is now known as the Kochi Prefecture.


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