Like A Dragon: Ishin – I’ll Miss You Miho (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its I’ll Miss You Miho

I’ll Miss You Miho is an optional substory quest that sees a young boy bump into the back of us, rushing in order to bid his love farewell. It is basically a tale of young love.

SUBSTORY QUEST: I’ll Miss You Miho

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves


REWARDS: Rainbow Fabric, 300 Virtue

LOCATION: Karasuma Street (Rakunai)


Head to Karasuma Street, near Ginryu Dojo, and a scene will trigger with a small boy running into us from behind. Ryoma will summarize that the boy must have been in a rush to meet with a girl.

We will then witness a conversation between both the boy (who is now named ‘Shinta’) and the girl he likes, Miho. Apparently Miho had sent Shinta a letter. One that mentions that she has to move with her family to Edo.
A place that is in central Japan. A large metropolis. Obviously this is heart-breaking for poor Shinta. Who will then run off feeling rather upset.

Miho’s father will then turn up and wonder if she had any luck in telling Shinta the news of the removal. She will burst into tears. Proceed and speak with her. She will then want us to find Shinta and tell him ‘thank you’. Ryoma will mention that the boy probably ran off towards the temple.

Make your way towards the shrine, north of the map. There will be a mark on the map that will indicate where we can find Shinta. Find and speak with him. Then choose the top option (Thank you for your friendship). Then choose the bottom option (You’re important to her).

Return back to the area where the substory first started and we will witness Shinta saying his farewell. This will trigger a chase to try and stop the palanquin.


Glad Miho and Shinta were able to make up at the end. Hopefully they’ll keep caring about each other even while they’re separated.


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