Like A Dragon: Ishin – Nichibuza’s Newest Fan (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its Nichibuza’s Newest Fan

The Nichibuza’s Newest Fan substory quest sees Ryoma trying to prevent a bandit thief from stealing from a woman. This woman happens to be the owner of the nearby dance school. This then unlocks the Japanese dancing mini game.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Nichibuza’s Newest Fan

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves


REWARDS: 250 Virtue

LOCATION: Kawaramachi (Rakunai)


Head to Kawaramachi, which is near Nichibuza. The Japanese dance school. Here we will encounter a bandit trying to chase off a woman. Apparently she is quite wealthy and is being harassed because of it. She then begins to call the bandit a rude individual. The bandit eventually gets fed up and the woman begins to worry about what he may do next.

Step in and try to interrupt them. Turns out that the bandit admits to wanting to steal and rob her of money. We cannot be having that now. More of the bandits friends will turn up. A fight against ‘Ruffians’ will trigger.

After the fight the bandit and his team will then run off. The lady will then be impressed with our fight style, calling it ‘beautiful’ and ‘elegant’. She will then mention that we have talent for something known as ‘buyo’.

Apparently the lady teaches a ‘buyo’ class. She will then introduce herself as ‘Maijo’. She will then try to convince us to take part in one of her class lessons. This then begins a dancing mini game. Complete the mini game to end the substory quest.


Buyo is a pretty deep art form. Maybe it’s time to visit Nichibuza again.


Buyo – A traditional style of dance. Unlike Kabuki and noh, women were not prohibited from performing buyo.


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