Like A Dragon: Ishin – Deceitful Deity (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its Deceitful Deity

The Deceitful Deity is an optional substory quest that sees us having to track down a conman known as ‘Dark Ebisu’. Apparently an ‘Ebisu’ is a Japanese god for good fortune. This conman is trying to target senior citizens in an attempt to bring them ‘good fortune’. We need to track him down and stop him.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Deceitful Deity

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves

QUEST GIVER: Weary Doshin

REWARDS: 300 Virtue

LOCATION: Karasuma Street (Rakunai)


Head to Karasuma Street and next to the ‘Watami’ store. Here we will be interrupted by a ‘Weary Doshin’, who will then ask us if we have seen an Ebisu around here?. An Ebisu is regarded as a Japanese god, so rightfully Ryoma questions this and seems confused. The ‘Weary Doshin’ will then clarify that he is actually looking for a conman. A conman named, Dark Ebisu. To be more precise.

It seems that this Dark Ebisu has been targeting seniors and pretending to be the actual Ebisu Japanese god. Fooling and ripping people off. His latest target was conned and lost 30 ryo. The ‘Weary Doshin’ is eager to find this ‘Dark Ebisu’ before we targets anyone else.
We are also told that this conman is quite a slippery fellow, who knows how to avoid the doshin. It is now our job to help keep an eye out for this ‘Dark Ebisu’.

Head south from the substory starting location, to a restaurant known as ‘Kamatora’. Here we will find an older looking woman in a grey coloured dress. She seems to be praying, perhaps? Anyway speak with her. (Kind Old Lady). She will start thanking the Ebisu.
She will then claim that she saw Ebisu just a few minutes ago. She will then tell us that the Ebisu was heading towards ‘Teramachi’.

Teramachi is to the eastern section of the map, so make your way there. It is the street where the Ebisu Pawn (Rakunai) resides. Here we will come across another elderly individual. This time they will be joined by another man, one that is wearing a small hat.
It would seem that the ‘Desperate Old Man’ is praising the ‘Dark Ebisu’. Ryoma will eventually step in and a fight against the ‘Troublesome Man’ will trigger.

Win the fight and the substory will come to an end

The Dark Ebisu’s been caught, but apparently he’s not the same guy the old lady talked about. Could he have been the real…. No, that’s impossible.


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