Like A Dragon: Ishin – Who’s Entertaining Who? (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its Who’s Entertaining Who?

Who’s Entertaining Who? is another optional substory quest. This time it sees Ryoma having to entertain a famous artist named ‘Kanda’. This in part of a favour asked by a local establishment owner.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Who’s Entertaining Who?

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves

QUEST GIVER: Shikokuya Okami

REWARDS: Ancient Amulet, 350 Virtue

LOCATION: Teramachi (Rakugai)


Head to ‘Teramachi’ which is to the south of the ‘Ebisu Pawn Rakunai’ and speak with the woman here (Shikokuya Okami). Speaking with her and she will want us to entertain someone for her. A person named Kanda, a well-known master of the arts. Who is apparently staying at her establishment.

Apparently everyone else that ‘Shikokuya Okami’ has asked to entertain him is too intimidated and thus, she has no one else to turn to. Apparently Ryoma has also picked up a new nickname, the ‘singing samurai’. Agree to help her entertain Kanda.

Head to ‘Watami’ over on the ‘West Shijo Street’ and as soon as you enter a scene will trigger. An old man will call us over, Turns out this man is ‘Kanda’. The person we are looking for. We will then be thrown into a singing karaoke mini game in order to continue entertaining.
We will then be shown a drawing that he does, very… Well. Anyway when the option arises make sure to choose the ‘It was bold and virile’ (second option).

We will then be thrown into a dancing mini game in order to further entertain Kanda and keep him inspired. It does not matter if you fail to pass or not. The score does not impact the continuation of the substory. We will get another picture to look at, select the ‘It’s bold, yet elegant’ (top) option.

Defeat the ‘Ruffians’ in order to complete the substory quest.


Not sure who was entertaining whom, but it seems like he had a good time. Hope to share a drink with him again someday.

Kyo – Currently named ”Kyoto”, this was the city where the nation’s Emporers held residence for nearly eleven centuries.
Buyo – A traditional style of dance. Unlike kabuki and boh, woman were not prohibited from performing buyo.


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