Like A Dragon: Ishin – The Reclusive Son (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its The Reclusive Son

The Reclusive Son is an optional substory quest that involves a mother and her son. The latter of which is a recluse. A ‘heyazumi’. The mother is worried and so, she tries to get Ryoma to help.

SUBSTORY QUEST: The Reclusive Son

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves

QUEST GIVER: Angry Son and Flustered Mother

REWARDS: Iron Gauntlets, Rainbow Shard, 350 Virtue

LOCATION: East Umekojicho (Rakugai)


Head to ‘East Umekojicho’ and you will spot a mother and son arguing. Turns out the son is a bit of a shut in and refuses to get a job. As the son goes off back to his room, the mother will begin to sob. Speak with the mother.

She will then tell us that her son is actually named ‘Uchitaro’. That he is a ‘heyazumi’. Which is the Japanese word for an older son that has yet to come into his inheritance. Still lives at home with their parents and has no job.
She is worried for him. The mother now wants us to speak with Uchitaro. In hopes of trying to convince him to ‘pull his weight’ in life.

Agree to talk to him and the mother will show us to his room. We will then be given several dialogue options to choose from

OPTION 1: What are you up to?, You got any buddies?, What are your passions in life?
ANSWER: What are you up to? (Top)

OPTION 2: Make a personal connection, Remind him of his future, Punch him in the face
ANSWER: Make a prsonal connection (Top)

OPTION 3: Drag him out of his room, Appeal to his conscience, Boost his self-confidence
ANSWER: Boost his self-confidence (Bottom)

Defeat the thug bandits that then arrive to complete the substory quest.


Y’know, maybe it wasn’t me who motivated Uchitaro to get out and about. Maybe it was his love for his mother and hers for him.


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