Like A Dragon: Ishin – Death Of The Author (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Death Of The Author

Death of the Author has us locating and speaking to an author, writer. Who seems to have hit some kind of writer’s block. It is up to us to help inspire him once again.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Death Of The Author

CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – The Man Named Saito Hajime

QUEST GIVER: Inn Guest (Natsumi Sosaku)

REWARDS: Broken Compass, Fine Silk Fabric, European Fabric, 300 Virtue

LOCATION: Teradaya (Fushimi)


Head to the Teradaya Inn over in Fushimi. Then make your way to the top floor. Up here there will be a man who is screaming out about something. Head inside and find out what is wrong with him.

Apparently he is trying to write a story and is not having much luck. He is an author by trade and his name is Natsumi Sosaku. Unfortunately he is fast approaching his deadline and is struggling to get his work done.
Long story short, he is currently suffering with writer’s block and needs inspiration for his written story. That is where we come in!

Continuing on, this said story is meant to feature an animal as a main character. We will then be given a list of animals that we can choose from; A cat might be funny, How about a literal underdog? or What’s lowlier than a pig?
The correct choice is; A cat might be funny.

Leave the building altogether. Just exit and then come back to the writer. Inspect his door once again. Choose the ‘I’ll check up on him’ option. There is now paper all over the floor. It would seem that Mr. Natsumi managed to reach his deadline after all. In fact his readers loved his work. We will get a ‘Broken Compass’ as a reward.

Then he will start talking about making his next novel. This time the main character is a schoolteacher. We then need to give this character a nickname. Our options are as follows; The Great Gallivanting Disaster?, Botch-chan! or He should be an animal too.
The correct choice is; Botch-chan!

Once again leave the building. Then come back and check on him. Turns out this novel is also selling quite well. We will get a ‘Fine Silk Fabric’ for our troubles. However, we are still not yet done. Mr. Natsumi now wants to make another novel.
This time we need an idea on the title of this novel. Our options are; Heart, Cleavage or Animal Barn.
The choice you want to select is; Heart.

Mr. Natsumi will think our decision is poetic and wonderful. Exit the building, one final time. Then return to check on him once again. He will once again say that his work is doing really well. We will now receive a ‘European Fabric’ for our troubles.

That concludes the substory.


I didn’t think literary genius could be created right here in Teradaya. Gotta say, I’m a little proud of my helpful feedback!


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