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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its Sonno Joui

Sonno Joui is an optional substory quest that sees a foreign samurai walking around. However, foreigners do not seem to be accepted here in Japan. The foreigner is treading on dangerous soil and a team known as the ‘Kakumei Joui’ are on the lookout.


CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves

QUEST GIVER: Serious Young Man and Kind Foreigner

REWARDS: 350 Virtue

LOCATION: North Umekojicho (Rakugai)


Head to ‘North Umekojicho’, south of the map and near the ‘Shady Bar’. Here we can listen to a conversation between a ‘Serious Young Man’ and a ‘Kind Foreigner’.

It seems that foreigners are not really tolerated here, they are especially not tolerated by the ‘Kakumei Joui’. A clan that seems to be on a war path and are currently targeting foreigners. Despite the warning, the foreigner is determined to stay in Japan. Saying that he loves it here.
The foreigner will then try to leave, completely ignoring the warnings about the hatred for foreigners. Ryoma watches on and begins to get curious so he decides to follow this foreigner.

Head east of the map, towards Sannocho. There will be a marker on the map. Here we will find the foreigner once again. It seems he is in trouble as a couple of aggressive samurai approach. These aggressive samurai then reveal themselves as being part of the ‘Kakumei Joui’.
The very clan that the student warned the foreigner about. The foreigner tries to calm the tension by revealing his name, Creek.

Ryoma steps in to help. Defeat the ‘Ruffians’. Creek will be grateful for the help but the substory does not end here. We need to make our way over to ‘Mukurogai’. However, the gate to the location may be closed and locked off. If this is the case then purchase a drink for the guard. I purchased a ‘Itami Sake’ for 1500mon.

Anyway head inside ‘Mukurogai’ and make your way to the second floor in order to find Creek, staring at a wall. The Kakumei Joui return and this time they come with their leader. Defeat the clean in order to clear the substory


Maybe it’s time for Japan to learn about the outside world and all the other nations of the world…

Sonno Joui – ”Sonno” is a declaration that the foremost leader of the nation is the Emperor, as apposed to the Bakufu. ”Joui” is a demand to drive out all foreigners and refuse them access to the nation.


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