The Hungry Sumo Wrestler (Substory) Like A Dragon: Ishin

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is The Hungry Sumo Wrestler substory.

The Hungry Sumo Wrestler has Ryoma confronting a sumo wrestler that seems to be laying on the ground, blocking the path. Apparently he is hungry, self explanatory. He is also unable to afford his own meals.

SUBSTORY QUEST: The Hungry Sumo Wrestler

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – The Ikedaya Incident

QUEST GIVER: Sumo Wrestler

REWARDS: Friendship Bond, 150 Virtue

LOCATION: South Teramachi Street (Rakunai)


Head to South Teramachi Street, east of Kamatora. Here we will find a sumo wrestler on the floor. Inspect the incident.

Ryoma will mention that he cannot cross the street because of this sumo wrestler. The sumo wrestler will mumble that he is hungry.

We will then need to hand some food over to the hungry sumo wrestler. Mostly anything will do. This includes; Kamatora Mixed Pot, Potato, Daikon, and Tomato. A lot of which can be farmed over in Another Life or even purchased over at the Greengrocer in Fushimi.

The sumo wrestler will finally get back up and explain that he is a low ranking sumo wrestler, a Jonokuchi. So money is a problem and thus he cannot afford to feed himself. We are now tasked with bringing the food so that he can increase his sumo rank.


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