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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is The Spitfire Town Protector substory.

The Spitfire Town Protector is a substory that feature a money scam. A couple get involved with money and they end up losing it. A loan is promised but the main party come off as being shady.

SUBSTORY QUEST: The Spitfire Town Protector

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – The Ikedaya Incident

QUEST GIVER: Timid Woman and Callous Man

REWARDS: 3 Ryo, 300 Virtue

LOCATION: Umekojicho (Rakugai)


Head to Umekojicho, east of the Chicken Racing. Here we will find a Timid Woman and a Callous Man

Upon inspection the Timid Woman will ask the Callous Man about the money she gave him earlier. To which he will mention that he somehow blew it all. Yikes.
Instead of apologizing the ‘Callous Idiot’ simply asks for another 20ryo. We also learn that the woman is known as Okiku.

The man (Bunkichi) will then introduce Okiku to a bunch of men, who will apparently, give them a loan. Yes, they do not look shady at all. Bunkichi will demand that Okiku takes the loan. That they need to in order to afford their ‘dream’.

An apparent ‘Badass Lady’ then comes in to stop anything deals being made. Her name is Yae. She confesses that Okiku is a client of hers. It is then summed up that Yae’s full name is actually Miss Tatsu. A debt collector.

We will then need to fight and defeat the Lowlife samurai. They clearly were never really going to help let us be honest here.


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