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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Bluffin’ Up The Wrong Alley substory.

Bluffin’ Up The Wrong Alley is a rather unique substory in that it is one of very few that contains voice acting and has other companions show up. In this case Okita, the mad dog himself shows up. The substory itself relates and revolves around gambling and money.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Bluffin’ Up The Wrong Alley

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – The Ikedaya Incident

QUEST GIVER: Haraguchi and Gambler

REWARDS: 350 Virtue

LOCATION: Sannocho (Rakugai)


Head to Sannocho and outside of the Gambling Den. Here a commotion will kick off involving a Troublesome Ronin and Haraguchi. Apparently these ronin are short on cash and are trying to con nearby innocent gamblers by telling them that if they hand over their money they will pay them double their winnings. Of course there is no gurantee that these ronin will even win this money back. In fact they are basically not even trust worthy.

Try to intervene and calm the situation down. The ronin will quickly catch on that Ryoma is part of the Shinsengumi. The ronin are apparently not big fans of the Shinsengumi and demand Ryoma to leave.

A fight almost breaks out until Okita comes in shouting his mouth off. The ronin then realise that they are no match against two Shinseungumi captains and run off.

Enter the Gambling Den, you do not have to play any of the mini games. Simply enter the building and exit back out again. Once you exit the building the Gambler will be here waiting for us.

Speak with the Gambler and we will learn that more ronin are trying to steal money from gamblers. That they can also be found over in Mukurogai.

Head to Mukurogai and look for the Gambler once again, he will take us to the ronin. They will mention that we walked right into a trap and the Gambler is actually working for the ronin.


Bakufu – The military government led by the Shogun. Often referred to as ‘the shogunate’ in Western writing.


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