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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is The Sexy Madam

The Sexy Madam is an optional substory quest that sees Ryoma encountering a geisha woman over in Gion. Speaking to her will then task us with having to find a ‘cucumber’. For reasons she does not mention but, our task has been given.


CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – The Iron Code

QUEST GIVER: The Sexy Madam

REWARDS: Vitality Pill, 150 Virtue

LOCATION: Gion (South)


At the south end of Gion there will be a Geisha woman. She will ask Ryoma to help her out with something. Choose the ‘How can I help?’ option.

Apparently the woman needs Ryoma to help her find a ‘cucumber’. Apparently she has her reasons for wanting one but refuses to say why. Regardless, our task now is to go and find a ”cucumber”. They are a simple find. In fact we can actually find a ”cucumber” over in Fushimi.

Head to Fushimi and, more specifically, to the ‘Greengrocer’. Here we can choose to purchase a ”cucumber” for 100mon. Report back to the client and hand over the ”cucumber”. This will then complete the substory quest. This also unlocks a new ‘Friendship Bond’.


I wonder why this woman wanted a cucumber so badly? She left as soon as I gave it to her…


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