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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Enter The Black Panther Couriers

Enter The Black Panther Couriers is the second substory quest in the ‘couriers’ quest chain. It comes after having completed ‘The Unwilling Courier‘ substory. It sees the appearance of The Black Panthers Couriers, a rival company to Kiyokawa.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Enter The Black Panther Couriers

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – The Iron Code


REWARDS: 320 Virtue

LOCATION: Shijo Bridge (Rakunai)


After successfully completing ‘The Unwilling Courier‘ substory quest you will then want to revisit the Shijo Bridge, over in Rakunai. Here we will encounter Kiyokawa once again

During a conversation with Kiyokawa a bunch of couriers will appear, perhaps from a rival service? They seem to be a lot like the ones that were watching from a distance during the previous quest. So they finally show themselves.
Turns out this group are actually known as ‘The Black Panther Couriers’. According to Kiyokawa they are the biggest and fastest courier service in Kyo. They also enjoy trying to run out the competition. They will then introduce themselves. Apparently their captain is known as ‘Hoshi’.

The Black Panthers will then try to challenge us in a bit of a competition. The task is to deliver all of the letters to their recipients and beat the opposition in doing so. So it is similar to the previous quest. Remember to upgrade your sprinting ability by using the shrine if necessary. This will allow you to run quicker for longer. We will need to deliver a total of 10 letters altogether. Each of which will be marked on the map.

Beat the competition and deliver all of the letters to complete the substory quest.


I beat Hoshi of the Black Panthers, but it’s clear that group isn’t through with me yet. This can only lead to trouble.


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