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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Invasion Of The Black Ships?

The Invasion Of The Black Ships sees one of the large foreign ships coming into the territory. The nearby townsfolk are curious as to what they want, including Ryoma. Just what are these black ships all about? Who are they? What do they want?

SUBSTORY QUEST: Investigation Of The Black Ships?

CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – The Two Ryomas

QUEST GIVER: Gregarious Man and a Listening Man

REWARDS: Precise Machinery, 350 Virtue

LOCATION: South Fushimi Ichibangai (Fushimi)


Head towards the Fushimi pier and we will trigger a conversation between both a Gregarious Man and a Listening Man. Both of them will be talking about the black ships. Leave the area. Just walk a fair distance away from the pier.

Return back to the pier, a marker should appear on the map to indicate that an event is happening. Back at the pier there will be a gathering of people. Seemingly waiting for something to happen.

Apparently a black ship has arrived. The man onboard will demand that they open the country to them. Suddenly the man gets seasick and collapses on the floor. Ryoma will then decide to ask the nearby residents for help in order to aid this man.

Speak to the nearby ‘Young Onlooker’ and he will suggest us to try using sake. So we need to give the man some sake to help aid him. Speak to the man and give him some. I actually went and purchased it from the nearby Fushimi Bar but the game never actually asked what I wanted to give him, so purchasing the sake may not be required.

Unfortunately the sake never actually worked, the man is still feeling sick. We then need to ask someone else for help. We can ask the ‘Young-ish Onlooker’. Who will mention that doing exercise might work.

Speak with the Man from Black Ship and tell him to sweat it out. This actually leads to a small confrontation against the Man from Black Ship. Duel and defeat him. (Note: We are limited to only being able to use the sword and no other fighting stances or forms. We also do not have access to any Heat Moves)

Once again, this does not work and we still cannot seem to find a way to cure his seasickness. Our next option is to speak with the ‘Old Onlooker’ to the left of the pier, near Teradaya. He will mention that maybe using Umeboshi will do the trick. Which is basically a pickled plum. Head to the Ichikura General Goods and purchase a umeboshi for 800 mon. Then give it to the Man from Black Ship. It seems to have worked and done the job.

Now that the man is back to feeling fit and healthy once again he will mention that he came here to seek a way to open up a trading establishment.

(NOTE: Despite perhaps knowing who to speak with in order to complete this substory, you cannot simply skip to him and ignore everyone else. You need to speak with all of the required and necessary townspeople first before the correct one even shows up)

This then concludes the Invasion Of The Black Ships? substory within Like A Dragon: Ishin


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