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The Wanted Men posters and bounty hunts open up during Chapter 2 – The Man Named Saito Hajime, when we first get to explore the area of Mukurogai. Here we can find the Tachibanagumi HQ, which is owned by Omatsu. It is inside the Tachibanagumi HQ where we can begin collecting our Wanted Men bounty posters.

After completing the Tarobo Jozo wanted poster and as you continue further into the main story, roughly around chapter 8, which is known as The Mad Dog Howls, we can then unlock our next poster. Which relates to the boss of the Jozo Tengu, who is fittingly named Jozo.

Jozo Tengu: Jozo

Men in tengu masks are looking for someone around Mukurogai.

Near Mukurogai

8 Men in Tengu Masks

4 ryo, Tengu Tamer (Trophy Achievement)

Chapter 8 – The Mad Dog Howls


Collect the bounty poster that is over at the Tachibanagumi HQ in Mukurogai (second floor). From there return and head to the ground floor of Mukurogai in order to find and speak with the Considerate Man and Injured Man. Both of them will give us more information regarding our bounty target, Jozo.

Head over to Sannocho over in Rakugai and here we will find a ‘Skinny Man in Tengu Mask’ who will direct us to where we can actually find the Jozo Tengu boss, Jozo. He can actually be found over in Mibu. The game will automatically take us there. A scene involving Jozo and his men will then trigger.

This will then result in a combat fight against Jozo and his men. There is nothing much to this fight. They are just your normal typical thugs. Jozo, obviously has more health, but is not really that tough in comparison.

Defeat the Tengu leader, Jozo, in order to continue with the quest and to complete our bounty poster. We will be rewarded with 4 ryo for our efforts. If this is your first time in completing this wanted poster then we will also be rewarded with the Tengu Tamer (trophy achievement)

This then completes the Jozo Tengu – Jozo Wanted Poster side quest or substory within Like A Dragon: Ishin


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