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The Wanted Men posters and bounty hunts open up during Chapter 2 – The Man Named Saito Hajime, when we first get to explore the area of Mukurogai. Here we can find the Tachibanagumi HQ, which is owned by Omatsu.

It is inside the Tachibanagumi HQ where we can begin collecting our Wanted Men bounty posters. One of whom is Tarobo, of the Jozo Tengu

Man in Tengu Mask (Jozo Tengu: Tarobo)

Men in tengu masks are causing a disturbnce at a restaurant in Umelpjicho.

Eatery in Umekojicho

8 Men in Tengu Masks

2 Ryo

Chapter 2 – The Man Named Saito Hajime


We can find the wanted target over in Umekojicho, which is located in Rakugai. It is east of the ‘Rakugai Arms Dealer’.
Here the tengu criminals can be seen wearing their tengu masks and standing on tables. Speak with them. This will then trigger a combat fight.

Defeat them and then return to the Tachibanagumi HQ to receive your reward


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