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When you get around to exploring Mukurogai, your first visit will be during chapter 2 – The Man Named Saito Hajime as the story will end up taking you there. Once in Mukurogai and if you head to the second floor of this area you will meet up with a bunch of tengu mask wearing thugs. Defeat them and a nearby woman will be impressed with our skills and abilities. Her name is Omatsu.

Omatsu will then introduce us to the the ‘Tachibanagumi HQ’. This location will basically serve as a building where we can collect hitman bounties and wanted men posters. The first of which will be the Jozo Tengu – Tarobo.
For collecting these wanted men posters and completing them we will be rewarded with various different rewards, such as ryo, mon, and other bonuses.

Some of these wanted posters feature rather tough opponents so be ready for them. Their locations are often pointed out in the actual poster itself. To find the poster simply head down to the ‘Completion List’ menu and head to the ‘Wanted Men’ section.

Once you have managed to find the bounty target simply defeat them and return back to Omatsu, over at the Tachibanagumi HQ to receive your reward.

There is a total of 16 Wanted Men posters to complete in total.


Jozo Tengu: Tarobo

Jozo Tengu: Jozo

The Like A Dragon: Ishin Wanted Posters are currently in progress..


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