Like A Dragon: Ishin – The Man Named Saito Hajime (Chapter 2)

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We begin this chapter in a brand new location. Ryoma has managed to escape Tosa, and now finds himself in ‘Kyo’. A place you better get used to. Where most of the events will take place. It is the main setting to the game itself.
It now seems that Ryoma has taking a liking to a place that is owned by both Oryo and Otose. Two village residents of Kyo. It is here where we can rest up for the night, change clothing, manage our inventory, and enjoy the view from the window.
Also if you inspect the ‘Change Appearance’ option we will find a clan name that we currently do not know of. A clan named the ‘Shinsengumi’. Who are these guys? Seems like we know where some of the story is going already.

Anyway exit the building and we will then find ourselves inside the Dojo. Here some samurai in training will get rather frustrated at Ryoma because, basically, he is a much more skilled fighter. So jealousy perhaps? Keep an eye on a certain, rather handsome individual, in the background. We will be seeing more of him in just a bit. He, just like with Ryoma, is a frequent Yakuza series character. It is strange that the ‘Yakuza’ series has now been renamed to ‘Like A Dragon’ now. It will take some time to get used to.
From a favourite character view point, both the ‘mysterious man in the background’ and ‘Majima’ make up my top two favourite Yakuza series characters. But enough of that.

Waking Up In Our New Location

After the conversation with the samurai we will then need to fight them. They were of no help anyway. We are still seeking information regarding the ‘Tenen Rishin’ fighting style that the ‘mysterious masked man’ from earlier was using.
After the fight we will meet the ‘Information Broker’ but his information regarding the style is not that great. Leaving us with nothing to go on still. Leave the building and explore the village for a bit. Notice the ‘mysterious man’ in the background is still here? Spying on us. Hmm..

Explore the village and get familiar with it, as said, this place will be our main base of operations for quite a while. Here we will come across the ‘Shinto Priest’ that is currently being threatened by a group of ronin. Defeat them and we will then be taken to a Shrine. A tutorial about ‘Virtue’ will then crop up. Apparently we can earn ourselves extra bonus rewards by helping people in the village. This then gives us ‘Virtue’ that we can spend at shrines. We will receive ‘Diligence Records’
The ‘Diligence Record’ is a document that can help us accumulate ‘Virtue’. We can do this by following the tasks on the actual document.

So unlike back in Tosa. The shrines. Can now be used for storage and exchanging virtue for blessings. Currently we have quite a lot of rewards that can be exchanged for virtue. Rewards such as ‘fishing rods’, increased inventory capacity,
improved reputation, and more. It is wise to earn virtue so that we can take advantage of all of these rewards.

Anyway, keep exploring the village and getting used to your new environment. Also unlike with Tosa. We can come across random battles against ronin and bandits. Great for trying to gain experience. These random battles will occasionally appear on the mini map on the bottom left of the screen as red indicators.
By choosing to initiate and trigger these random battles, we can earn ourselves rewards such as’ coin and other useful materials.

The Shrine Rewards List

If you head near the vending stalls (in the middle of the map), we will encounter some bandits trying to flee the area without paying for their goods. These thugs will mention something about ‘Satsuma’. Which is a domain located in the south of ‘Kyushu’. Our current location. A fight against the ‘Outlaw Ronins’ will then trigger. We will receive ‘1 ryo’ for our efforts.

If you try to leave the village via the South exit, we will encounter some of the Shinsengumi. We do not want to be caught by these guys, so our only option is to hide from them. You can do this by running away and finding highlighted objects to hide behind. Our main objective is to head to the objective marker on the map without being caught.
Our destination is to the east of the map. If you happen to get caught by the Shinsengumi we can try to break free and then runaway. Failing that we will need to retry the segment once again.

Once we have managed to successfully escape the Shinsengumi, we will finally get a scene where we can meet up with the handsome guy from the Dojo that was eavesdropping on us. He will introduce himself as, Niibori Matsu (Akiyama). Yes, eye candy alert!
One of my personal favourite Yakuza characters. Akiyama and Majima fangirl right here. OK, before I end up losing all of my viewers right now. Let’s get on with it. Must restrain oneself.

Meeting Niibori Matsu

According to Niibori we can learn something about the ‘Tennen Rishin’ fighting style over at the bathhouse, in South Yashikimachi. However, we are going to have to wait until nightfall first. So for now, return back to Teradaya. The small inn back at the start of the chapter.

As we try to exit the alley we will come across the prize wheel attendant. This is what all of those tickets that we have found on the floor relate to. The attendant will ask if we would like to participate in a free prize drawing. She will then give us a free prize ticket.
Most of the rewards we can get from this prize counter are related to materials. So we can use it to basically craft better gear for ourselves. Feel free to try your luck if you want, or simply move on. For my first attempt I ended up with scrap paper. The consolation prize. Wonderful.
If you feel like grinding out one of the rewards, you can always try your luck and then if you do not succeed, reload the game and try again.

If you still don’t feel like calling it a day right now, you can always head to the singing bar, Utamaruya. It is basically a karaoke place that can be found north West of the map. Here we will come across the owner of the establishment and be able to create a friendship with him.
Friendships are used to claim better rewards and virtue. The higher the friendship ranking, the better the reward. Not every character you come across has a friendship bar. But those that do. It would perhaps be a good idea to try and increase that bond. In order to participate in the karaoke, you will need to fork out 500 mon.

When you are ready, proceed and head to the inn, south of the map. Choose to rest until nightfall.


Our next destination is over to the bathhouse. From there we will then want to head West of the map. Here we will meet up with ‘The Bathkeeper of Sai’. Basically a more professional information broker than the one that we met earlier (Crow).
Here we will learn a lot more about the Shinsengumi and the ‘Tenen Rishin’ fighting style. Apparently quite a few of the Shinsengumi members know the style and have even perfected it. Could our mysterious ‘masked man’ be amongst them?

Anyone now getting Yakuza 2 vibes or is it just me? Anyway we now need to fight this rather ‘large man’. ‘We do not know who he is’ just yet but he wants to cause problems, so lets solve these problems and give him a taste of a good fist! (I wish we could throw both Akiyama and Majima into this bathhouse too. Oh yes, extra eye candy!) OK! I just thought of this ‘large man’ in Yakuza: Dead Souls, in a nice white trench coat and now here he is in the nu.. Damn..
Why does this series do this to me? Help.. As a reward we will even get a ‘Loincloth’. More importantly, is it used? Hmm..

The ‘Loincloth’ actually gives 173 defence and can be equipped by heading into the ‘Equipment’ menu and scrolling down to ‘Breastplate’. Anywhere after more cinematics we will then learn that this ‘large man’ is actually known as, Saigo Kichinosuke (Goda). That he is also the commander of the ‘Satsuma’ army.

The ‘Large Man’ introduces himself

When you are ready, return back to the inn South of the map. When we reach the building, a townsman will stop us and start talking about a Komaki Dojo. The actual dojo itself is located to the east, next to the inn. It will be marked on the map.
The Komaki Dojo is a great place to learn new techniques and abilities, so be sure to go and check it out.

Just outside of the inn and next to the townsman is a ‘Curious Man’. Listen in on their conversation and you will hear of a ‘combat arena’ that is located in ‘Mukurogai’. We can inspect that location a bit later. Interesting.


Head inside the inn and we will encounter a ‘Boatman’. Despite the warning signs from Oryo, Ryoma still wants to travel to Mukurogai. So the ‘Boatman’ agrees to take him there. When we arrive we will notice just how much of a ‘slum’ this place really is compared to Kuramachi, and the rest of Kyo. Immediately we encounter a group of roughnecks beating up on someone. Lets go and investigate. It won’t really lead to much though. Other than a fight against the roughnecks.

When you are ready, head to the mission objective marker on the map. We will then trigger a scene involving the guy with the straw hat. Turns out he is actually Okada Izo. The very same guy that was jealous of us back in Tosa for getting to play as the representative for the Tosa Loyalists.
We will also learn that Takechi is also somewhere within Mukurogai. Head to the next objective marker, which will take us to a building structure.


Kyo – currently named ‘Kyoto’, this was the city where the nations Emperors held residence for nearly eleven centuries.

Bakufu – The military government led by the Shogun. Often referred to as ‘the shogunate’ in Western writing.

Virtue – blessings of good fortune and favour received after doing work in the name of Buddha and the gods.

Rakunai – the area lying within Kyo’s city limits.

Satsuma – a domain located in the South of Kyushu. The area is part of the current-day Kagoshima Prefecture.

Choshu Domain – a domain located in the South West of Honshu. The area is part of the current-day Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Edo – a major city in central Japan, later renamed ‘Tokyo’. It was already one of the largest metropolises in the world by the end of the Edo period.

Rakugai – the suburban area surrounding Kyo, not counting the city itself.


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