Like A Dragon: Ishin – Mibu Wolves (Chapter 3)

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The start of this chapter sees Otose and Oryo arguing amongst each other about Ryoma wanting to join the Shinsengumi. That they are a clan of killers and are known as wolves that ‘devour each other’. Basically they tend to have infighting amongst themselves.
After a brief summary on who the Shinsengumi are and despite warnings from both Otose and Oryo not to join them, Ryoma is still set on doing just that.

Our next destination is over to the far north of the map. It would seem that more of the map has now been revealed. More exploring to be had! Anyway head to the destination marker over in ‘West Shijo Street’. We need to find the Shinsengumi barracks.

As we leave the gate towards Shijo we will come across a Rakugai Ronin. He will mention a swordsman over in the north part of Rakunai named Ginryu. Apparently he is quite the skilled swordsman. Anyway continue on, as normal. We will get interrupted by another person. This time a Blacksmith. This blacksmith will mention that our katana is a bit weak and could do with improving upon.
We will now get the chance to upgrade our gear as well as being able to craft new ones too. In order to do this we will need materials. These materials all depend on what you want to make. Self explanatory really. Some of these materials will include Seals. These seals are mainly used for upgrading the equipment. As we are just starting out we will automatically be given some tools and a free Seal.

Meeting The Blacksmith

Feel free to upgrade and inspect your equipment and when you are ready proceed to the destination. West Shijo Street. Just outside of the Blacksmiths (Kurogane Smithing) there will be a few men with a carrier. These are actually known as a ‘palanquin’. They are essentially a fast travel. Use them whenever you want to travel long distances.
When you reach ‘West Shijo Street’ we will come across a ‘Townsperson’ talking about the Shinsengumi, more specifically, one of their captains known as ‘Okita’. Apparently he is quite the looker. To which, I’ll personally agree with. The woman that they are actually talking about was me. Oops, guess I got spotted.

Anyway keep following the objective marker and we will reach a set of stairs. Head up them. This is actually the Shinsengumi base and hideout. Here we will meet one of the Shinsengumi Captains, Nagakura Shinpachi (Saejima). Who will be testing out the hopeful trainees.
It would also seem that Nagakura also knows the fight style that we are looking for, Tennen Rishin. After a brief discussion we will then need to duel and fight Nagakura.

After the fight against Nagakura we will get more scenes and quite a bit will occur. Including the introduction of The First Division Captain, Okita Soji (Majima). Who is not hesitating to get in on the action. We will also meet up with the Deputy Chief of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizo (Mine – Yakuza 3). Another handsome fighter. We will now officially be a member of the Shinsengumi

Ryoma And Nagakura Face Off Against Each Other

Anyway after the scene concludes we will get called over by one of the Shinsengumi troopers. Apparently he received a message from the deputy chief and wants us to follow him. We will now be taken to our room within the hideout. Here we can rest, regain any lost health and access the storage facilities. Leave and it will be evenning. That was quick.


Our objective now is to go and meet up with Hijikata over at the ryorei. Which is in Gion. If we speak with Nagakura he will mention that our destination can be found at Tsubakiro. Which is part of Gion. Anyway exit the hideout.
Here we will eavesdrop on a ‘Gossipy Citizen’. Apparently someone is trafficking a ton of guns into the country. That they are hiding out over in Rakugai. Our destination is over to the east side of the map. Across the Shijo Bridge.

Okita Soji Faces Off Against Ryoma

Before we can reach the bridge however, we will get stopped by the priest from before. The one that showed us to the shrine back in Fushimi. The shrine will now be marked on the map. It is to the very north of the map. The shrines are super useful if you have not yet tried them out or visited them for that matter. I ended up unlocking the ‘improved sprint’ ability as I was getting tired of seeing Ryoma struggling to maintain stamina.

Head to the chapter objective marker and we will find ourselves in Gion. A smaller, but yet, still busy part of the map. Anyway to continue with the story we need to make our way over to ‘Tsubakiro’, to the north.
We will then get a scene involving Hijikata who will force us to fight another samurai that uses the Tennen Rishin fighting style. He wants us to fight this man as a test. He can see that Ryoma is troubled and wants him to get rid of that feeling, as it is holding him back. A fight against the ‘Man in White’ will occur.

After the fight and the following scene, Hijikata will mention that he wants to make us the Captain of the Third Division.


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