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This chapter introduces us to the rest of the Shinsengumi officers and captains, including; Ito Kashitaro (Daisaku Kuze – Yakuza Zer0), Suzuki Mikisaburo, Tani Sanjuro, Takeda Kanryusai (Hiroki Awano – Yakuza Zer0), Harada Sanosuke, and Inoue Genzaburo (Osamu Kashiwagi). There are many familiar faces. Especially if you have managed to play any of the previous Yakuza titles. Some of which I probably should remember but do not. It has been a while since I last played a Yakuza title so, I might need a recap.

Ryoma will then conclude that Yamanami is not the Tennen Rishin user that he is looking for, leaving him with a possible six other candidates left to work with. These include; Todo Heisuke (Captain of the Eighth Division), Inoue Genzaburo (Captain of the Sixth Division), Nagakura Shinpachi (Captain of the Second Division), Okita Soji (Captain of the First Division), Hijikata Toshizo (Deputy Chief), and Kondo Isami (Chief of the Shinsengumi).

The Shinsengumi Headquarters

Proceed and try to leave the area. We will be stopped by Todo, who will give us a Shinsengumi robe and tell us that we need to wear it in preparation for tomorrow. Exit the Shinsengumi base and make your way towards Fushimi. South of the map

As you make your way towards Fushimi we will eventually end up triggering a scene involving the Priest from before. The one that introduced us to the shrines. It seems he has some woman with him. Who is she? Apparently this young woman is about to be made homeless due to unfortunate circumstances, that now leaves her in debt. After taking a quick tour around the young girl’s property Ryoma then agrees to try and help her with the debt. Thus then allowing her to keep the property after all. This now opens up a new side activity. The young woman will be really appreciative and introduce herself as ‘Haruka’. Though, her name was quite obvious for those that have the experience of playing past Yakuza titles. She is, of course, a character that is very close to Kiryu (Ryoma). She makes up one of the eldest foster kinds within the orphanage back in Yakuza 3 but Kiryu first encountered her during Yakuza 1 or, now known as, Yakuza Kiwami.

Haruka’s property now acts as a second home. We can get her by using the boat over in Fushimi. As the game now mentions, we can use this place to help grow crops, raise chickens, and even cook meals. Before we can actually leave, we first need to inspect the tool shed and shrine that is here. Get more familiar with the property. It is the same when we head inside, here we need to inspect the stove, baths, and cabinet for a trading ledger. We will also learn that Haruka’s parents used to run a business that sold vegetables, fish, and cooked meals.

When you are ready proceed back to Fushimi and to the Teradaya Inn, where Otose will be waiting for us outside the establishment.


We now need to go and find Oryo, she will actually be marked on the map. Head to Rakunai and to the ‘Shijo Bridge’. A scene will occur and Oryo will ask Ryoma why he decided to join the Shinsengumi. Ryoma tries to explain the situation. That he is seeking a person who is skilled at using the Tennen Rishin.

Now that Oryo has been found we can report back to the Teradaya Inn and rest for the night. Here we will learn of a man that speaks Tosa.

Oryo Gazes Into The Water


Make your way to Rakugai and head east, across the bridge. Towards Kiyomizu Temple. Here we will find an icapacitated man by the entrance. This begins ‘The Amnesiac’ substory. It is optional. Continue on. Here we will encounter a scene and be introduced to a character named Nakaoka Shintaro (Makoto Date).

Apparently Nakaoka is indebted to Ryoma’s father and so he plans to help. He also reminds Ryoma that he was head of the authorites that came running in the night his father was murdered. That he also no longer suspects that Ryoma was the murderer, that the actual culprit is probably still out there somewhere.

Kiyomizu Temple

During the conversation with Nakaoka a bunch of Tosa Loyalists will turn up to cause trouble. Eliminate them and we now need to find a way out of the temple. Destroy the barricade and deal with the next wave of enemy targets.
After which we will then be confronted with a group of gunmen, use the pedestals to hide behind and negate any incoming damage.

Continue on, for the most part the path is rather linear. There will be more gunman units to deal with but there should also be plenty of healing items located around the area, use them if necessary. After eliminating the gunman unit, the mini boss of the area (Miyoshi) will appear. Though he can do quite a bit of damage using the sledgehammer, it also makes him rather slow too. He also fights solo, so the overall fight should not be too difficult.

Remember to deal the maximum amount of damage, make sure to attack from behind. As Miyoshi is rather slow getting behind him should be quite a simple task.

For having completed the chapter we will earn ourselves the ‘A Messy Investigation’ trophy achievement.


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