Hogwarts Legacy : The Man Behind The Moons (All Demiguise Statue Locations)

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This specific side quest will actually prove to be an important one. The reason for this is because once the quest has been completed, we will learn the ‘Alohomora’ spell, which teaches us how to lock pick doors. As you progress throughout the wilderness, you will find many locked doors that require lock picking. In order to trigger this side quest, all you need to do is continue through the main story. When you reach a particular main story segment, one of the objectives will be to find out what Gladwin Moon wants.

Find and speak to Mr Moon and you will then find more on these demiguise statues. Apparently they inflict fear and only appear during nightfall. Though you can also find these statues during the daytime. They can only be collected during the night time, so remember. Simply finding them does not count towards the quest.
We can switch between both day and night cycles by accessing the map screen. And then pressing the required button. In the case of the PlayStation controller, it is the L3 or R3 button.

There is a total of 30 demiguise statues to be found and collected altogether. You can find them in various different locations. Some are quite far away from Hogwarts, so you need to be prepared at least level 20, if not higher. Once you have managed to find and collect the mall, you will earn yourself the ‘Demiguise Dread’ trophy achievement.

(NOTE: Once you have successfully collected a total of nine statues, it is best to then report back to Mr Moon in order to learn Alohamora II. We will need this next lock picking skill in order to find the rest of the statues)

OK. Let us begin.


#1 DEMIGUIDE STATUE: We can find this one inside Professor Fig’s classroom. Over in ‘The Astronomy Wing’ in Hogwarts.

#2 DEMIGUIDE STATUE: Head to the North exit of Hogwarts. Here we will find a locked door. Next to a set of stairs. Unlock this door to find the statue.

#3 DEMIGUIDE STATUE: This next one is inside the Divination Classroom that is part of the ‘Library Annex’. Head up the spiral staircase and climb the ladders up to the very top. Here we will find the statue.

#4 DEMIGUISE STATUE: For this next one we will want to make our way over to the library. From there, make your way downstairs to the restricted area. This is also where we had to stealth away from the ghosts in a previous quest. Continue heading down and we will find one of the mimic treasure boxes. Next to this box is the statue.

#5 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to the Great Hall and there will be a door that you need to unlock. The statue is in here.

#6 DEMIGUISE STATUE: This next one is in the Quad courtyard over at the Grand Staircase section of Hogwarts. From there head through a doorway, and then head to the immediate left through yet another doorway. This will take us to the Griffindor Tower. In this hallway there will be a locked door that leads to the bathroom. The statue resides in one of the stalls.

#7 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Our next statue can be found in the Transfiguration Classroom over in ‘The Astronomy Wing’. Head through the door that leads to the North Hall. From there make your way over to the ‘Dungeons’. Here there will be a locked door.

#8 DEMIGUISE STATUE: OK, let us get the last remaining ones over at Hogwarts. We can start by heading to the ‘Transfiguration Courtyard’. (Remember to report back to Mr Moon so that we can unlock level 2 lock picks). We mainly want to head into the Dark Arts Tower and into Professor Black’s room. Which is guarded by the gargoyle statues.

#9 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to the ‘Beasts Classroom’ over in ‘Bell Tower Wing’. There will be a locked door here. Unlock it and get the statue.

#10 DEMIGUISE STATUE: We now want to head to the ‘Potions Classroom’. In the ‘Library Annex’. From there, head downstairs and through the doorway into the ‘Long Gallery’. In this gallery there is a locked door. Unlock it and take the statue.


#11 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Venturing over to Hogsmeade now. You can find this one in the ‘Tomes and Scrolls’ store building.

#12 DEMIGUISE STATUE: You now want to find the ‘Hog’s Head’. Which is West of Hogsmeade. The statue is in the backroom of this building.

#13 DEMIGUISE STATUE: This next statue is located inside the ‘Three Broomsticks’ building. At the centre of Hogsmeade. Simply head up to the top floor of this building.

#14 DEMIGUISE STATUE: We now want to enter the building next to ‘The Three Broomsticks’. It is basically a random building. It has no name. Use the ‘Alohamora’ spell to unlock the door and head inside. The statue is upstairs.

#15 DEMIGUISE STATUE: In another random building with no name, however, this one is located more to the north. Lock pick the door and find the statue inside.

#16 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to a building east of Hogsmeade. It is behind the ‘Honeydukes’ building. The statue is inside this building.

#17 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Near the South entrance of Hogsmeade, there will be a section of ‘no named’ buildings, one of which we can open using the lock pick spell. Use the spell and head inside to find the statue.

#18 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Next to ‘J. Pippin’s Potions’ there will be another ‘no named’ building that we can access, do so. Get the statue from inside.

#19 DEMIGUISE STATUE: This one can be found in ‘Gladrag’s Wizardwear’.


#20 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to ‘Feldcroft’ which is south west of Hogwarts. The statue will be inside a random building that requires a ‘Level 1’ lockpick to open.


#21 DEMIGUISE STATUE: This one is located in ‘Keenbridge’. East of Feldcroft. You can find it inside a ‘Level 1’ lockpick building.


#22 DEMIGUISE STATUE: East of Hogwarts is a small village town known as Brocburrow. The statue is locked behind a random building. Use the ‘Level 1’ locking spell and it is just behind the door.


#23 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Aranshire is just east of Hogwarts and north of Brocburrow. Find the building that requires a ‘Level 1’ lockpick. The statue itself is located upstairs.


#24 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head north of Hogwarts to ‘Upper Hogsfield’. This statue is located behind another locked building. (Level 1 lock). Where it can be found sitting on a small stool


#25 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to the region of ‘North Ford Bog’. To the north of the map. Here we will a small hamlet known as, ‘Pitt-Upon-Ford’. Search for a property with a wagon or cart in the garden. The statue is inside this building.


#26 DEMIGUISE STATUE: South of Hogwarts is the hamlet of ‘Lower Hogsfield’. The statue is located inside an open and unlocked building. Behind the door.


#27 DEMIGUISE STATUE: This one is quite a distance away. To the very south east of the map. It is part of Cragcroftshire. The statue itself resides inside a building next to the venodor.


#28 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to ‘Manor Cape’, west of ‘Cragcroftshire’. Here there will be a building behing a small messageboard. Head inside and find the statue on a small table.


#29 DEMIGUISE STATUE: Head to ‘Marunweem Lake’, north of ‘Manor Cape’. Here we will find an open and unlocked building. Head inside. The statue is behind the counter.


#30 DEMIGUISE STATUE: To the east of Feldcroft, is a hamlet known as ‘Irondale’. Head inside one of the open buildings, near Althea Twiddle. The statue is hiding behind the counter.

We Meet The Culprit

After having successfully collected all 30 demiguise statues we will then need to wait for a bit. So feel free to do other quests in the meantime.

After a required amount of time has passed we will then get a message from a man named ‘Piers Pemberton’. We can meet him over in Hogsmeade.

Apparently he is the culprit who placed all of the statues. He did it in revenge of Mr. Moon and calling him names. Basically Mr. Moon was regarded as a bully when Piers was a student back in Hogwarts. He had a bit of a rivalry going on and plotted revenge on him.

We will get an addition 180 XP for reporting back to Mr. Moon and telling him about Piers Pemberton.


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