Hogwarts Legacy – All Optional Side Quest List

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Hogwarts Legacy has many different optional side quests for players to find and complete. Each one gives many delightful rewards. Usually either in the case of new outfits and experience.

These side quests are scattered throughout the region and each one has its own unique set of objectives and difficulty.

Below is a list of optional side quests that players can find.


Like A Moth To A Frame

Flying Off The Shelves

Gobs Of Gobstones

Cache In The Castle

Carted Away

The Lost Astrolabe

Ghost Of Our Love

Venomous Valour

‘Dissending’ For Sweets

A Demanding Delivery

Follow the Butterflies

A Friend In Deed

Sweeping The Competition

Venomous Revenge

The Hall Of Herodiana

The Tale of Rowland Oakes

Spot Removal

Take the Biscuit

The Lost Child

The Daedalian Keys

E-Vase-ive Manoeuvre

A Thief In The Night

In The Shadow Of The Study

Minding Your Own Business

Summoner’s Court 1

The Man Behind The Moons

Absconder Encounter

(In Progress)


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