Hogwarts Legacy – The Tale Of Rowland Oakes (Side Quest)

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The Tale Of Rowland Oakes is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the The Astronomy Wing. Here we can find and speak with Adelaide Oakes

This specific side quest sees us trying to locate a metal trader known as Rowland Oakes, an uncle to a worried student.

SIDE QUEST: The Tale Of Rowland Oakes
QUEST GIVER: Adelaide Oakes
LOCATION: The Astronomy Wing
GUIDE: Head to the Astronomy Wing Courtyard and we will find Adelaide Oakes standing outside, next to the bushes. Upon speaking with her we will find out that Adelaide has an uncle named Rowland. Who is a metal trader and is quite well known within the goblin community.

She also goes on to say that her uncle usually sends Adelaide owls to let her know he is doing. However, in the last message that he had sent her, it mentioned that he had to do some dealings with Ranrok and their loyalists. Not good. She has not heard from him since.

Our next destination is to go and inspect Rowland’s camp, which is located near Brocburrow, just past the river. A good place to fast travel to is Jackdaw’s Tomb and then just use the broom and fly the rest of the way.

As soon as we reach the campsite we will discover that ‘Ranrok’s loyalists’ are still here. Eliminate them. From there we will then need to inspect the campsite for a clue. A clue as to what might have happened to Rowland.

Locating Rowland Oake’s Map

We can find one of Rowland Oake’s maps amongst the wooden crates. Next to the small shelter. As the game will point out. Rowland liked to keep maps of his trades, meaning that the landmarks on this particular map should hopefully take us to him.

Get back on your broom and lets locate these landmarks. Now we can try to locate all of the landmarks that are featured on the map. However, they will all end up taking us to a location known as Korrow Ruins. Which is west of the campsite. Just follow the small river stream. Once you reach the Korrow Ruins there will be more of ‘Ranrok’s Loyalists’

Once those have been removed we can then enter the underground ruins, past the gate. There will be more ‘Ranrok Loyalists’ inside, no surprises there.

Locating Korrow Ruins

Keep exploring Korrow Ruins and we should be able to locate Rowland. You can tell if you are close as you will be able to hear him talking about ‘getting metal that he promised’. He is actually locked up inside a cell.

Upon speaking with Mr. Oakes we will learn that the cell is locked with an enchanted lock. The only way to unlock it is by finding Rowland’s wand. Which is back up the stairs, to the floor above.

The wand is actually locked behind a ‘boiler door’. Now in order to be able to unlock this door we need to head past it and up the next set of stairs. Here we will come across some breakable machinery. By destroying it the ‘boiler door’ will then be unlocked.

Inside there will be more of ‘Ranrok’s Loyalists’, alongside a mini boss known as Pergit. Though he should not be too difficult. Just make sure you are prepared and at least around level 16 or above.

After the ‘scuffle’ we can then locate Rowland’s wand on a small table within the room. Okay let us go and report back to him.

The side quest will then come to and end.

REWARDS: Handcrafted Necklace, 180 XP


Adelaide Oakes seems worried about someone. I should speak with her

Talk to Adelaide Oakes

Find Rowland Oake’s campsite

Defeat the Goblins Occupying Rowland’s Camp

Investigate the campsite to find a clue

Use Rowland’s map to follow his trail

Enter the goblin outpost

Explore the goblin outpost and find Rowland Oakes

Talk to Rowland through his cell door.

Find Rowland’s wand

Give Rowland his wand


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