Hogwarts Legacy – The Hall Of Herodiana (Side Quest)

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The Hall Of Herodiana is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Charms Classroom. Here we can find and speak with Sophronia Franklin

This specific side quest sees us collecting a ‘signature outfit’ for a young fan of an apparent talented witch.

SIDE QUEST: The Hall Of Herodiana
QUEST GIVER: Sophronia Franklin
LOCATION: Charms Classroom (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Head to the Charms Classroom lounge in order to find Sophronia Franklin looking at various framed paintings on the wall. Upon speaking with her she will mention someone named Herodiana Byrne. Apparently she is regarded as quite a skilful wizard or witch, in this case.

As a big fan of this Herodiana Byrne, Sophronia now wants us to go and find her signature outfit. Which is apparently in the Hall of Herodiana. We now need to find a way inside.

Make your way to The Astronomy Wing’s ‘Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower’. Where we can find a display of the rhinoceros. From there keep going down. Here we will locate the door that leads to the ‘Transfiguration Courtyard’. Ignore the door and, instead, inspect the wall next to it.

Entrance To The Hall Of Herodiana

This wall is actually the entrance to the Hall of Herodiana. Now in order for it to open and let us inside we will need to equip and use the ‘Depulso’ spell. Makes sense as Herodiana is apparently a master of the spell. She, according to Sophronia, is known for it.

Once inside the hall we will need to continue making use of the Depulso spell, alongside the ‘Accio’ spell too. Our goal is to use these spells to move the large boxes around the room. In hopes of creating a platform that we can then use to reach the ledge and onto the next area.

There are three of these little puzzles that we need to solve within the hall. In a way its a bit like playing a much larger version of Tetris. We have to move blocks, connect them together, and form platforms to reach ledges. Taller vantage points.

During the second set of puzzles there will be a ‘rotating light’ mechanism. These are actually switches and once activated, they reset the room. So if you make a mistake use these switches to undo your previous mistake.

Reset Switch

Remember the ‘Depulso’ spell pushes objects, whilst ‘Accio’ pulls objects. These spells will be vital throughout the hall and in solving these puzzles.

As we complete these puzzles there will be a treasure chest at the end of each one. The first treasure chest will contain a Herodiana’s Cape. From there we can receive the following; Herodiana’s Attire, and Herodiana’s Cap. All of which is necessary to complete the quest, so do not skip them. They are all part of Herodiana’s signature outfit.

With all of the puzzles now having been solved and the signature outfit obtained, we can then report back to Sophronia to complete the side quest.


Once you have successfully managed to complete the ‘Hall of Herodiana’ side quest you will then be able to unlock the next and second ‘Depulso puzzle room’. Which can be found inside the ‘Long Gallery’. As a reward for completing this one we can then earn ourselves a ‘Collection Chest’.


Sophronia Franklin seems like she could use my help. She’s near Charms class in the lounge.

Talk to Sophronia Franklin

Find the entrance to the Hall of Herodiana

Solve Herodiana’s Puzzles (0/3)

Return to Sophronia


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