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Cache In The Castle‘ is an optional side quest that can be collected over at the Astronomy Tower. It requires us to find and speak with Arthur Plummly.

This specific side quest sees us having to find various different landmarks. All of which are shown on a Treasure Map. There is a total of 3 landmarks to find altogether.

SIDE QUEST: Cache In The Castle
QUEST GIVER: Arthur Plummly
LOCATION: Astronomy Tower (The Astronomy Wing – Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Head to the Astronomy Tower and we can find Arthur over by the stairs, he is currently reading one of his treasure maps.

Apparently Arthur has managed to find himself a treasure map and asks us if we are interested in going on a little adventure. This adventure will task us with looking at Arthur’s Treasure Map and finding the landmarks on it. Basically the diagrams.

We now have a map that we must follow and discover where it leads. Going from the pictures within the map, it seems to show a model or display of a dinosaur. This is our first landmark.

We can actually find the correct location over in The Astronomy Wing’s ‘Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower’. Upon inspection we will learn that the dinosaur diagram on the map is of a rhinoceros. We are on the right track. That is one down.

Our next destination is over at the ‘Transfiguration Courtyard’. Which is just down the stairs from the rhinoceros display.

Head outside and we will find a water fountain, this is our second landmark. Only one more landmark left now. We can find this final landmark by heading back inside, using the door to the north of the water feature.

You know you are in the correct location as you will find a staircase that ‘looks promising’. Up these stairs there is a picture frame on the wall that represents a snowy location, with a building.

Now where is that treasure located? In order to find it we need to aim at this framed picture and cast the ‘Accio’ spell (R2 and Square). This will then reveal a secret area that was hiding behind this framed picture. Inside is a chest with our treasure (Authentic Historian’s Uniform)

Report back to Arthur Plummly to complete the quest. We can find him at the Charm’s Classroom.

REWARDS: Authentic Historian’s Uniform, 180 XP


I saw Arthur Plummly studying two treasure maps he had found. I should see if he needs any help.

Talk to Arthur Plummly

Find the first landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

Find the second landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

Find the third landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

Find the painting from Arthur’s Treasure Map

Discover the painting’s secret

Return to Arthur Plummly


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