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Gobs Of Gobstones‘ is an optional side quest that can be collected over at The Astronomy Wing. Here we will need to find and speak with a student named Zenobia Noke.

This specific side quest sees us having to find and retrieve stolen Gobstones. There are 6 to be found and collected altogether.

SIDE QUEST: Gobs Of Gobstones
QUEST GIVER: Zenobia Noke
LOCATION: The Astronomy Wing (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Head to The Astronomy Wing and speak with Zenobia who will be standing next to the set of stairs.

Zenobia will mention that in her efforts to make new friends she managed to bring her collection of Gobnstones down to the common room. She will continue to mention that Gobstones is a small mini game and because a few of the other students were sore losers, they have now gone and stolen the Gobstones.

There are a total of 6 Gobstones that we now need to go and find. Make sure to access the ‘Quest Menu’ and begin tracking this quest to make things easier. They are not exclusive to one single location.

In fact we can find one of them outside in the courtyard. On top of the archway.

Remember to use the ‘Accio’ spell (R2 and Square) to get high up objects and items. Such as the archway Gobstone.

There will be another Gobstone on the chandelier over near the Divination Classroom.

Another Gobstone is located on the wooden walkway, near our previous Gobstone and the Divination Classroom.

Our next one is located at the Ravenclaw Tower, sitting on one of the blue pillars within the hallway.

Follow the magical staircase further up the Ravenclaw Tower. You will then reach the Grand Staircase Tower. Continue on from there to reach the Trophy Room.

In this hallway find a set of armor and swords on the wall, just above it is our next one.

This final Gobstone is actually located on one of the shelves within the Trophy Room, next to the previous Gobstone collectible.

Once you have successfully managed to find and collect all 6 Gobstones, return and report back to Zenobia over in the Charm’s Classroom area. This will then complete the quest.

REWARDS: Wand Handles, Orbicular – Violet, 180XP


Zenobia Noke is fretting over her missing Gobstones.

Zenobia’s Gobstones are hidden around the castle. She said that the other students hid them out of her reach. They must have used magic to do it.

Talk to Zenobia Noke

Find Zenobia’s Gobstones (0/6)

Return to Zenobia


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