Hogwarts Legacy – Flying Off The Shelves (Side Quest)

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Flying Off The Shelves‘ is an optional side quest that can be collected over at The Library Annex. Here we will need to find and speak with a student named Cressida.

This specific side quest sees us having to catch flying books within the library.

SIDE QUEST: Flying Off The Shelves
LOCATION: The Library Annex (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Head to The Library Annex and find and speak with Cressida. She will be up a flight of stairs, sitting alone in a chair.

Apparently Cressida is in trouble with the librarian as she got her spells mixed up and now, instead of making her books light to carry, they are now flying around the room.

Make your way to the library. Here we will find several books flying around the room, as previously mentioned. Look at them go!

In order to stop these books from flying around and being a nuisance we need to cast a spell at it, the Accio spell to be precise. (R2 and Square)

Find and collect all 5 books, all within the library area. Then report back to Cressida to complete the quest.

REWARDS: Wand Handles, Gold, Avian – Grey

(Note: You can get an additional 300 gold coins for bribing and calling her out)


Cressida Blume has a lofty problem with her literature

Talk to Cressida

Collect Cressida’s flying books from the library (0/5)


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