Hogwarts Legacy – Like A Moth To A Frame (Side Quest)

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Like A Moth To A Frame‘ is an optional side quest that can be collected whilst at The Library Annex. It requires us to speak with Lenora Everleigh.

This specific side quest will have us inspecting an empty picture frame and finding a green moth. It is quite a simple guest that does not require us travel too far.

SIDE QUEST: Like A Moth To A Frame
QUEST GIVER: Lenora Everleigh
LOCATION: The Library Annex (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Head to the Library Annex to find Lenora Everleigh. She will be a bit worried about an empty picture frame. She will want us to investigate further.

Once Lenora leaves proceed and cast the ‘Lumos!’ spell on the empty picture frame. (R2 and Triangle). The picture will then show a location. We need to now find it.

Notice that this empty picture frame has a moth image engraved on the bottom? We need to find the missing moth and bring it back to the picture. Thus completing the engraved picture.

In order to find it proceed and head down the nearby steps, the green moth is here. In order to get it to come with us back to the picture frame, you will need to cast the Lumos spell.

Bring the green moth to the picture frame. From there proceed up the stairs and report back to Lenora to complete the quest.

REWARDS: 180 XP, Cobalt Regalia


Lenora Everleigh appears to be looking for a clue. Perhaps I can help her investigate

Speak with Lenora Everleigh

Discover the painting’s secret

Return the moth to the painting

Talk to Lenora Everleigh


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