Hogwarts Legacy – Numbers Door Puzzle (Charms Classroom)

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There are many door puzzles that can be found within Hogwarts Legacy. These door puzzles often have numbered diagrams on them, and once unlocked, they often hold treasure chests all waiting to be inspected and claimed.

Each of these locked doors all generally follow the same rule in order to unlock them. This rule usually sees us having to work out what each icon or picture that resides around the door actually represent. From there we then need to determine how to make the target number that is on the diagram that is printed on the door.

Once we have successfully managed to work all of that out we can then locate the dice on the wall that is connected to the door. These dice can be rolled and flipped around, allowing you to choose the correct one that is required to unlock the door.

(Note: The pictures that are located around the door are replacement for numbers. However, keep in mind that these numbers go in a clockwise direction. Also these numbers start from 0)

This specific door puzzle is located within the Charms Classroom or The Astronomy Wing area of the Hogwarts Castle. It requires us to reach the main target numbers of both 5 and 12

Here we have a locked door with picture around it. Written on this door is several diagrams that we need to solve. Our target numbers are located within these diagrams. Next to the door is also two dice that we can roll and interact with.

Though we need to solve both diagrams we will focus our attention on the top one first. Here we need to make the target number of ‘5‘. As a clue we have already been given the number ‘3’ and a ‘0’. The latter, being a ‘0’, does not really mean much. So we can actually ignore it.

Now look around the door you will see several pictures. These are very important. They all have something in common. They all represent numbers.

To work out our answer to the first diagram we need to now how to solve the actual puzzle itself. It’s really simple. The pictures on the door go in a clockwise direction. Plus, the first picture represents the number ‘0’.

Now since, for this diagram, we already have the number ‘3’ to work with. We need to find the number ‘2’ to make up our target number of ‘5’. Going by what I just said, with the door pictures. This means that the picture that represents the number ‘2’ is that of a ‘deer’.

So proceed to the necessary dice and roll it a total of twice, in order for it to represent a ‘deer’. This now solves our first one.

Now on to the second one. This one also has the same method for working it out. So by this, we should really already know the answer.

This time we need to reach the target number of ’12’ and we have a picture of a ‘horse’ and the number ‘4’ to help us. So we need to work out what the picture of the ‘horse’ represents.

So going clockwise once again, around the door. Knowing that the first picture represents a ‘0’. That means that our ‘horse’ picture represents the number ‘1’. So our maths equation that we have looks like this, 4 + 1 = 5.

To finish this maths puzzle we have to make the number ‘7’. That will then give us our target number. Again pay attention to the door and the pictures around it. Since we already know that the first picture represents the number ‘0’. This means that the required picture is that of an ‘elephant?’. Not really sure what kind of creature it is to be honest.

So now that we have our answer head to the appropriate dice on the wall and roll it a total of ‘four’ times. This will give us our ‘strange elephant’ picture.

Once you have successfully managed to solve the puzzle the door will then open. Inside there will be a chest containing a ‘Ruined High Stairway‘ collectible and ‘Opulent Spider’s Web Hat‘.


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