Hogwarts Legacy – A Thief In The Night (Side Quest)

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A Thief In The Night is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Irondale. Here we can find and speak with Irondale Vendor

This specific side quest sees us trying to recover stolen belongings and dealing with thieves. Could this be the work of both ‘Catrin’ and ‘Victor Rookwood’ ?

(Note: This specific side quest activates during nightfall)

SIDE QUEST: A Thief In The Night
QUEST GIVER: Irondale Vendor (Padraic Haggarty)
LOCATION: Irondale
GUIDE: Head to Irondale and speak with Padriac Haggarty, the local vendor and merchant. Upon speaking with him we will learn that a group of people known as ‘Catrin’ and ‘Victor Rookwood’ has managed so steal from him. Obviously he is not happy about this. On top of that, this ‘Catrin’ thief is actually Padraic Haggarty’s sister.

Immediately after the conversation with Padraic Haggarty and accepting the side quest, you will want to cast the ‘Revelio’ spell. This should help us scan for necessary clues and evidence of the incident.

Our first set of clues should be a pile of gold on the floor, near Padraic’s stall. Once you have managed to find them, you will then want to begin following the trail of coins down the path and across the river stream.

The trail of gold coins will lead to a ‘Loyalist’ campsite. Full of enemy targets for us to ‘play with’. Though it does not stop there. Activate the ‘Revelio’ spell once again and continue with the trail. By doing this we will slowly accumulate coin over time, upwards of around 30-40 coin in total. Hm..

Our ultimate target however is Niffler, the ‘Irondale Pilferer’. Yes, it seems as though our thief was not Padraic’s sister, Catrin, after all. Instead it was a mere Niffler. Equip a ‘Nab-Sack’ and capture the little thief.

With the thief now having been captured we can safely report back to our client, Padraic Haggarty to complete the side quest.

REWARDS: Niffler Mask, 180 XP


The vendor in Irondale seems to be upset about something. I should introduce myself and see what the matter is.

Speak with the Irondale vendor

Look for clues at the scene

Follow the trail of coins

Capture the thief

Return to Padraic Haggarty


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