Hogwarts Legacy – E Vase ive Manoeuvre (Side Quest)

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E-Vase-ive Manoeuvre is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Irondale. Here we can find and speak with Althea Twiddle

This specific side quest sees us having to activate a mysterious statue

SIDE QUEST: E-Vase-ive Manoeuvre
QUEST GIVER: Althea Twiddle
LOCATION: Irondale
GUIDE: Make your way over to Irondale in order to find and speak with Althea Twiddle. Upon speaking with her, she will mention the tragic passing of her late husband. She will continue to talk about a mysterious statue that her husband was intrigued by.

Apparently this statue has a puzzle related to it and, once solved, will unlock a magical challenge. Interesting, so let us go and find this statue. We can begin our search by heading through the Feldcroft Region. The location we need will be in a section of ruins, close to the ocean.

Once you arrive at the statue we will then need to activate it. We can do this by casting the ‘Revelio’ spell. This will also reveal many surrounding vases, strange.

Locating The Mysterious Statue

Our next objective is to destroy all of these vases that has just suddenly appeared. By using the ‘Revelio’ spell we should be able to find them all. There are 20 to destroy altogether. After successfully managing to destroy them all, a small scene will then trigger. The statue has now been activated.

Report back to Althea Twiddle to complete the side quest.

REWARDS: Column – Beige, 180 XP


Whilst visiting Irondale, I overheard a woman speaking to herself about something ‘fascinating’. I should talk with her.

Talk to Althea Twiddle

Find Madam Twiddle’s mysterious statue

Activate the statue

Return to Althea Twiddle


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