Hogwarts Legacy – In The Shadow Of The Study (Side Quest)

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In The Shadow Of The Study is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the The Grand Staircase. Here we can find and speak with Sebastian Sallow

This specific side quest sees us trying to gain access to the ‘scriptorium’ and convincing Ominis to help us.

SIDE QUEST: In The Shadow Of The Study
QUEST GIVER: Sebastian Sallow
LOCATION: Slytherin Common Room (Hogwarts Castle)
GUIDE: Meet with Sebastian Sallow outside the Slytherin common room. Upon speaking with him we will learn that we need access to the scriptorium. Unfortunately, the only one who knows where to find the entrance to one such place, is Ominis. Who is currently refusing to cooperate.

After accepting the side quest and speaking with Sebastian we can then follow him as he takes us to see Ominis. When you meet up with him go ahead and begin the next conversation.

We will then get the chance to convince Ominis to show us the location to the ‘scriptorium’ and to ultimately get him to help us. He will agree and decide to join us.

Our next task is to unlock Slytherin’s door, which is right behind Ominis. Use the ‘Revelio’ spell. This will show marking on the door and it will also reveal braziers in the area. Of which there are three of them. Notice that there are also three symbols on the door too?

We need to light these braziers using the ‘Incendio’ spell. This will then unlock the door for us. We can also take advantage of the chandelier above us to light two of them at once.

Once inside we can explore the room, we will find one of Noctua Gaunt’s notes. Which will go on to read that no one needs to rely on using the Dark Arts and that there is more to Salazar Slytherin than people realise.

We will now be confronted with a locked door. Hm, how do we open it I wonder. Well, to progress we will need to locate all of the rubble on the floor. It is quite a mess. Better use ‘Reparo’ in order to quickly fix it and work out where this rubble came from.

Turns out it was used to form a plaque on the wall. A plaque that resembles a person along with a snake. We will now be able to hear a snake off in the distance, hissing. Perhaps angrily?

Speak with Ominis and he will mention that the can actually hear the voice of the snake in the distance. That he is a Parselmouth. One who can understand the ‘language of a snake’. He will then, rather reluctantly, unlock the door for us.

Keep using the ‘Revelio’ spell in order to help navigate this darkened room. Also, speaking of a ‘darkened room’ there will be unlit torches scattered around the room, be sure to use ‘Incendio’ to remedy this issue. It should give us a bit of light at least.

The Slytherin Lock

Inspect the ‘Slytherin Lock’ next to one of the torches to begin a rather simple puzzle. The clue to this puzzle resides on the locked gate by the entrance. It should give us a huge hint as to what symbol we need to use on the ‘Slytherin Lock’. Basically we need to turn the bottom dial ONCE. Whilst the top dial needs to be turned TWICE. This will then unlock the gate for us.

Ignore this gate for now and make your way back to the entrance, there is another locked gate and another ‘Slytherin Lock’. The symbols and clues to this next puzzle reside on the gate itself.

The Gate Puzzle Clue

For this one we need to turn the top dial ONCE and the bottom dial THREE times. The gate will then unlock and open. However, we are not yet done here. There is another ‘Slytherin Lock’ in this next area. The clues to unlocking this one resides on the gate in the previous area. The area I told you to ignore before.

Basically for this one we need to turn the bottom dial THREE times and the top dial FIVE times. That should be our final gate for now. Let us continue.

Head to the final gate, that just opened, and the team will start to feel a bit worried. They are right. We are now trapped inside a dead end area. Not good.

However, if you inspect the floor you should notice the word ‘CRUCIO‘ written on it. Why? What does this mean? Go ahead and cast ‘Revelio’ and we will find the last set of notes from Noctua Gaunt. This note basically tells us that the word ‘CRUCIO‘ is some kind of cursed spell.

The team will also learn of Noctua’s tragic fate. Despite the odds being against us, it seems as though Sebastian has an idea of how we can escape. Though, apparently it will be difficult. Talk to him and he will suggest that Ominis cast the spell. Which, ultimately, does not lead anywhere as Ominis refuses to do so.

Speak to Sebastian once again. This time agree to him cast the spell on you. Though it may not be a nice one to have casted at us, it will get us out of here. So grim and brace.

We will now be inside Slytherin’s Scriptorium. Here we will find various loot to plunder and a copy of Slytherin’s Spellbook. Which we can then give to Sebastian.

Leave the Scriptorium to complete the side quest.

REWARDS: 180 XP, Crucio (Spell)


Sebastian wants to mee outside the Slytherin common room to talk to me about Slytherin’s Scriptorium

Meet Sebastian outside the Slytherin common room

Go with Sebastian to meet Ominis

Speak with Ominis

Open Slytherin’s door

Explore beyond the doorway

Figure out how to progress

Speak with Ominis about the hissing

Wait for Ominis to open the door

Explore beyond the serpent door

Find a way through

Talk to Sebastian

Explore beyond the doorway

Search Slytherin’s Scriptorium

Give the book to Sebastian

Leave the Scriptorium

Listen to what Ominis has to say


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