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Minding Your Own Business is another optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Hogsmeade. Here we can find and speak with 

This specific side quest sees us exploring a magical and mysterious chest, inside a shop. It also sees us being able to purchase said shop and unlock the ‘shop feature’.

Note: This specific side quest can only be done during daytime.

SIDE QUEST: Minding Your Own Business
LOCATION: Hogsmeade
GUIDE: Head to Hogsmeade in order to find and speak with the house-elf, who is located outside the vacant shop. When we speak with the house-elf, we will learn that her name is Penny.

Penny will ask if you would like your own shop and assistant. All of which sounds very interesting. We will then learn that Penny’s mistress is known as Cassandra Mason. In order to continue the side quest, we will need to speak with this mistress.

Proceed to follow the side quest objective marker and it will take you to Mistress Cassandra. Tell her that you are interested in her shop.

Persuade Cassandra to let you have her shop, to which she will agree. However. this is in exchange of her being able to buy the shop back at a discount price. If we are to fail at running a successful business for her.

In order to purchase the shop from Miss Cassandra, we will need to find and earn ourselves 1,500 coin. This will then be used to purchase the required shop.

In order to be able to get coin, we can always sell our gear and wares. For example, we can sell any captured creatures that we may have over at the local Brood & Peck store. Failing that of course, we can also sell more wares over at Gladrags Wizardwear. Anyway, once you have enough money, make sure to return back to Cassandra.

Upon managing to successfully purchase Cassandra’s shop. We will then find out that unfortunately, after the passing of her late husband, she was not able to get around to retrieve some of his personal items. So instead, she would like us to go and retrieve these belongings for her. We can find them in the chest at the back of the shop. Penny has the key to unlock it for us.

Let us return back to Penny in order to ask about this key that we need in order to unlock this chest at the back of the shop.

Locating The Mysterious Chest

Our job now is to head inside the shop and use the ‘Reparo’ spell in order to clean the place up. Man, what a mess. Once we are done cleaning up the shop and making it look all nice and tidy, Penny will then be willing to give us the key that we need for the chest at the back of the room.

Once we have the key from Penny, we can then go ahead and find the chest and unlock it. We can find the mysterious chest behind a single red door. Once you have it, unlock it in order to reveal its content. Apparently it leads to a new mysterious location. Interesting.

Continue exploring this new location. Remember to use the ‘Revelio’ spell in order to scan your surroundings. In one of the rooms there will be several mannequins. We can destroy them by using the ‘Accio’ spell.
Also in this room is a small treasure chest. This chest will contain an ‘elf-sized hat’. Every time we destroy one of the mannequins in this room another will pop up. Anyway, try to exit the room altogether and the door will automatically close on us locking us inside.

Keep destroying the mannequins and someone named Fastidio will appear. And we will end up being in a different room altogether with yet more mannequins. It seems like we are trapped inside the room with no exit or door to use.
Wait for a while and a door will suddenly appear and will open for us. In this next room, a spirit will appear and attempt to fly off. Is this Fastidio?
Continue on and head through the next open door. This will lead to another room full of mannequins. Again, destroy them. Then inspect the large box in the corner of the room. This will lead to yet another different room altogether and our ‘large box’ has suddenly turned into a pile of bones.

Head through the doorway and it will lead to a hallway. Continue on. And don’t forget to use the ‘Lumos’ spell in order to lighten up your surroundings.
We’ll then find ourselves inside what looks to be a house The walls will be covered in paintings And there will be carpet on the floors. What does all of this mean exactly?

The game will start commenting about the lanterns and there being something about them. Our objective is to target one of the floating lanterns. And move it and connect it to the display with the hand that is next to the door. This will then unlock the door for us.

Displaying The Lanterns

Fastidio will start trying to tease us. Continue on. We will soon be engulfed in complete darkness once again.
Equip and use the ‘Lumos’ spell in order to lighten up the room. Turns out we’re in a room full of paintings. Continue on into the following room, we will finally meet up with Fastidio. Who will be floating around on a chair.
After the scene with Fastidio, we will then be able to regain control of our character once again. However. Fastidio will then attempt to throw objects at us, so be ready for that. From there, continue on and into the library.

Continue on through the library. And use the ‘Revelio’ spell in order to scan your surroundings. Here there will be a giant statue in the middle of the area. However, from the statue, we want to head down the small flight of stairs. Here we will find a dining table. Follow the corridor down. And suddenly we’ll find ourselves in a different area altogether. Perhaps this is the prisons?. There is only one open door, so head through there and into the next area.
This next area looks to be a wine cellar with plenty of wooden kegs all over the place. Head towards the ladders in our attempts to exit the area, and the floor beneath will give way.

Head towards the door and it should automatically open for us when we get close to it. It looks like we’re back inside the house once again. Keep following the linear path. Through the different hallways.
Though it seems like we’re going round in circles. And Fastidio will also mention as such. So once this happens, you will want to turn around. And head in the opposite direction and you should come to an open doorway.
In this next room, you will want to run around and you will end up in complete darkness once again use the ‘Lumos’ spell.
Head through the doorway and you’ll get a jump scare. Don’t worry, it’s meant to happen. In doing so, we will find ourselves in a different hallway yet again. At least only briefly. Next series of rooms will be very linear and there won’t be much to really do in them. When you get to a room full of mannequins, you will want to head through the doorway. This will then lead us to a room with an object in the middle of it that we can interact with.

Follow the next series of hallways around and the mannequins will suddenly come to life. Destroy them. There will be quite a few of them. We only really need to destroy the ones that come to life.
The mannequins that are currently idle, we can leave alone. Make sure to destroy all of the mannequins that come to life. Only when all of them have been destroyed will we be able to advance.

In this next room we will want to take hold of the lantern and take it with us up the next set of stairs and towards the doorway with the objective quest marker. Here we will find another table, where we can hang the lantern. That is one down.

In order to find the next and second Lantern, we will need to explore more of this area. So with that having been said. We will want to find a large statue within this area and continue on east of there. This area will then take us to a small path with pictures and walls around us that rotate when we continue on.

The Rotating Hallway

Continue exploring and you should eventually arrive in a room with a large chandelier on the ceiling. Head up the stairs. And towards the doorway, it is currently locked.
We need to find a way to open it. If you look up and to the right. Up on a ledge there will be our second Lantern. The doorway here will now be unlocked. So head through there in order to continue.
Here we will find a display table with the hand that wants to take the Lantern from us. Hang the lantern up on this display.

To the left of this Lantern display is a window that we will want to climb through. Just beyond that window is something rotating. Make sure to wait for that in order to be given an opportunity to climb through the window.
From there, continue on into the next room. Here we’ll find a third Lantern. Also in the room is our next display for this, said Lantern. Continue on.
As the game will suggest, this room is upside down. And in order to remedy this, it might be a good idea to get the Lantern back that we displayed earlier. In order to rotate this room to where it should be. To its normal position.
From there we will find another display for the Lantern. Hang it up and it will cause the next door to open for us. Continue up the stairs to find yet another Lantern. This Lantern can then be used to unlock the door that we came across earlier. Back at the library.

We will then be met with more stairs and then a dead end area where Fastidio will make a return. This time we will have to fight the man himself, or rather the spirit itself.

Fastidio is a rather fast individual that will come charging at you. Alternatively, he will also sometimes decide to throw various objects towards you. That you will need to dodge. Simply try to survive for a brief period and eventually Fastidio will leave. We can then head back down the stairs and through the next open doorway. Here a scene will occur, involving a door. It seems we need to explore the atrium next.

With one section of the door now unlocked. We now need to explore the atrium in order to unlock the rest of the door. There is a chest next to this door that we can inspect that contains a ‘Wiggenweld Potion’.

Foyer Door Begins To Unlock

There is only one doorway in this area that will unlock, and that is to the right of the stairs. Continue to follow the objective marker. In this next area we can find another treasure chest to the left of the door, it contains a ‘Fringed Forest Lock Scarf’.

Continue to explore the area, until you come across a hallway with more mannequins. Don’t worry, these ones do not come to life. At least not yet.
Try to exit the area and more mannequins will appear. We will now find ourselves in a mysteriously new area. Yes, these new areas don’t seem to end. This time we are in a room with several doors and wooden walkways. Locate and take hold of the Lantern and place it on the nearby display.

This will then give us more walkway to go across and through the open doorway. Jump over to the next wooden walkway. Continue on, more objects will suddenly appear. This is all Fastidio’s doing, so feel free to destroy these objects.

Remain in this area and look for a doorway with wooden planks. Destroy the wooden planks and head through the doorway. Off in the distance is the Lantern that we placed on the display earlier. Take it and head back through the open doorway once again.
Continue on, enter the far room and then place the Lantern on this next display. Keep a note of the door here. Now we need to find another Lantern, which we can do so by heading through yet another open doorway, the Lantern will appear in the doorway opposite.
Place this Lantern on the next stand. The stand in the far room will now be unlocked. Head through it.
Attempt to go through the following doorway, only for the door to then close on us. We are now locked inside the room with more mannequins, and these ones do indeed come to life.

Destroy all of the mannequins within this room, and a doorway will then open for us. Continue on chasing the next doorway. In this next area there will be a chest containing a ‘stylish midday school uniform’.
We are now searching for a Lantern on top of a table. Take this Lantern with you. And continue to follow the quest objective marker. It will lead to a door.
We should know what we need to do at this point as we have come across these type of doors before.
We are in search of yet another Lantern. You can find it in the room with a fireplace and a bunch of cabinets. However, do not place it at the door. Instead place it on the display next to this fire. It will open a new passage for us.
Continue on and you should reach a room with a large tapestry and Windows. Here Fastidio will reveal a large chess board.

A Game Within A Game (Large Chess Board)

Here, head to the far left of the board. And you will want to try and sneak your way past all of the playing pieces. When you get to the row with the ‘horse piece’, you will then want to roll towards it and then run to the next area.
Within this next room, you’ll want to search for the next Lantern, take it and place it on the display. This will then reveal our next pathway.

After placing the Lantern on the display, we will then want to follow this new path and head through the doorway to find yet another Lantern. Take this Lantern and place it next to the other lantern that we displayed earlier. The door will then open.
Head down the stairs and keep following the mission objective marker. Fastidio is back. You know what that means. We need to try and dodge all of his attacks once again. As we’ve already fought him before, we should know what he’s capable of doing and what type of attacks he enjoys using.
However, this time he will summon mannequins to help aid him in this fight. After a short brief period of time Fastidio will then leave, nothing new there. We will then need to return to the foyer.
Upon returning to the foyer. The door will now be unlocked and we can head through it. Continue to follow the mission objective marker. It will take us beyond the foyer doors.

As we explore beyond the foyer doors, a scene will then trigger and Fastidio will once again appear. After the scene, we will then be forced into a battle against him. This will be our final battle against him.
During this he will once again try to summon more of his minions. This will include both mannequins and a much larger monster, which basically consists of various different objects, most of which he’s already been throwing at you before. Such as tables, chairs and various other objects.

After the fight against Fastidio, we can now go back to Hogsmeade. We can return to Hogsmeade by climbing up the nearby ladder. Here we can encounter Penny once again.
Once you are done speaking with Penny. We will then need to go and seek out Officer Singer, who can be found over at Hogsmeade Square. Here we will discuss the whole situation, and ordeal that we have just been through. To which officer Ruth Singer will decide to accompany us in order to speak with Cassandra.
Things don’t go too well as we confront Cassandra and it will lead into combat.

After the fight against Cassandra Mason we can report back to the shop and Penny. This will then complete the side quest.

REWARDS: Shopkeeper’s Coat, Shopkeeper’s Top Hat, Shopkeeper’s Ensemble, Unlocked Shop Feature


A house-elf standing outside what appears to to be a vacant shop is trying to get my attention. I should see what she wants.

Speak with the house-elf outside the vacant shop in Hogsmeade.

Speak with Cassandra Mason.

Collect 1,500 coin to purchase the shop from Cassandra Mason.

Speak to Penny the house-elf.

Clean up and make repairs.

Open the mysterious chest.

Explore what lies below.

Explore the library.

Entertain Fastidio

Return to the foyer

Explore the atrium.

Play with the poltergeist.

Return to the foyer

Challenge Fastidio

Return to the shop

Seek out officer singer

Confront Cassandra Mason

Return to the shop


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