Hogwarts Legacy – Prologue: The Path To Hogwarts

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After the rather eventful opening introduction to the game, we will then be inside a cave with Professor Fig. In this cave we will learn how to heal ourselves with the Wiggenweld potion and how to move.
For now the save feature is not available. Trust me I have tried it. Anyway, follow professor Fig and we will head outside the cave. Here we will be met with a lovely ocean view.
Apparently we are somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. This begins our first chapter, The Path To Hogwarts. Continue to follow Professor Fig

After admiring the ocean view. You will then want to continue following Professor Fig. Here we will learn how to jump and climb up ledges. As we continue to follow the path, we will get our very first spell, which is basically a ‘Basic Cast’.
We can perform this ‘Basic Cast’ by tapping the ‘R2’ button on the PlayStation controller. This will then, hopefully destroy the magical barrier that is currently blocking our path.

In order to remove the magical barrier, you may need to use and perform the ‘Basic Cast’ spell a few times. Hitting it just the once did not seem to work for me.
From there we will then get a short tutorial on how to move the camera around and select an active target. This is basically teaching us how to switch targets during combat. Very useful. Continue to follow Professor Fig.

Learning The ‘Active Target’ Mechanic

Now that we know how to cast a basic spell. We can now target various different objects. For example, these nearby vases and objects that are on the path in front of us can be destroyed by using the spell.
Unfortunately, we will not be rewarded with anything for doing this. However, we will get bonus additional dialogue from Professor Fig. Who will be most impressed by our efforts.

Follow Professor Fig up the following ledge and from there ignore him and head left. Here we will find a dead end alongside a treasure chest. Open it and we will find, 59 gold coins inside. Keep following Professor Fig.
In this next area we will get another small tutorial, this time in regards to the mini map which will show us our surroundings. As well as our current objectives.

Feel free to inspect the mural on the wall, that Professor Fig is currently looking at. However, in order to advance the story, we will need to head past the statue and follow the linear path. Next to the ocean.
It will lead us to an enchanted crystalised stone. Interact with this enchanted stone and it will reveal a hidden room.

After interacting with this strange enchanted stone, we will then find ourselves in that hidden room we saw earlier. We will now want to go ahead and wake the goblin. Who is currently enjoying a quick nap.
This will then lead to a scene and we will find ourselves inside the vault.

Riding To ‘Vault 12’

Continue to follow Professor Fig and we will find ourselves locked inside vault 12. Here we will learn another spell. This time we will learn the spell ‘Revelio’, which gives us the ability to see and scan the area.
Great for locating any hidden objects and items. You better get used to this spell as we will need it throughout the entire game. It is super useful.
In order to learn it, we will need to press the corresponding buttons as the metre gauge reaches them. Use the spell and head further inside the vault.

Not much to do from there other than to interact with more magic. After interacting with the Magic, we will then find ourselves standing on a strange. What seems like an iced platform with a statue. Cast the ‘Revelio’ spell.
After casting the spell. The game will then allow us to learn a new spell. One called ‘Lumos’, which will allow us to see in the dark. Our third spell.

With the Lumos spell now having been learned, we can then control the position of this statue. Face it so that the bottom statue is in alignment with the one at the top. After having correctly aligned both statues, we will then be under attack.
Simply use your basic spells to destroy all of the enemy targets. After taking down all of the enemy targets. We will then lose sight of Professor Fig. Where has he gone, I wonder? Remember to use the Lumos spell in order to see in the dark.
In order to find and reunite with Professor Fig, we need to continue to follow the wisps of magic.

After successfully following the magical wisps. We will then need to interact with the magic on the floor. This will then take us to yet another strange area with more statues.
You should know how to deal with this. We have done it before, except this time we have several statues to align.
Align all three statues together, as indicated by the lines on the ground, and we will be able to advance. We will then need to fight. Several statues. Also alone, since Professor Fig is not here. At present.
So get used to the combat mechanics. We can stun these enemy targets by holding down the triangle, protect spell. Stunned targets will then take additional damage as indicated by the numbers in gold.
Another great way to determine if the enemy target has been stunned or not is by noticing that they have fallen to one knee.

From here on, it’s basically a simple task of following yet more magical wisps. And we will, eventually. Be able to reunite with Professor Fig. Thus concluding the first chapter of the game.


Follow Professor Fig
Destroy the magical barrier
Follow Professor Fig
Explore the ruins
Interact with magic.
Wake the goblin.
Follow professor Fig.
Cast Revelio
Proceed into the vault.
Stay close to Professor Fig.
Interact with magic.
Determine how to proceed.
Discover the statue’s secret.
Tap ‘R2’ to destroy statues with basic cast.
Stay close to Professor Fig.
Find professor Fig
Interact with magic.
Activate the statues
Tap ‘R2’ to destroy statues with basic cast.
Find Professor Fig


Professor Fig and I have travelled via Portkey to a remote cliffside in the Scottish Highlands. We need to explore the mysterious ruins that we suspect the Portkey was meant to lead us to.


Lumos. Protego. Revelio (All Spells)


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