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After successfully choosing the house you would like to be part of, we will then find ourselves inside the common room.

There is not much to this chapter. Most of this chapter has us following Professor Weasley, who will teach us more about the features around the castle. This will include being able to use the Wizards Field guide and learning Basic fast travel.
The chapter will conclude when we arrive in the Central hall and we will then meet up with Professor Fig once again.

The ‘Sorting Ceremony’

After another lengthy conversation, we will then get to choose between two different classes that we can attend. We can either choose the charms class or the defence against the dark arts class.
Either way we will eventually need to attend both anyway.

Find your common room.
Introduce yourself to Imelda.
Introduce yourself to Ominis
Introduce yourself to Sebastian.
Meet Professor Weasley outside the common room.
Follow Professor weasley.
Collect the Guide Page.
Talk to Professor Fig

I need to head to my common room. Sounds as though there are some voices coming from nearby.
Perhaps I should follow them



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