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Feel free to explore the castle. It is rather big and there are many rooms to be explored. We can also unlock various different ‘floo’ locations, which is basically. A way of activating new fast travel locations.
As we continue our exploration of the castle, we will come across many locked doors. These doors are simple to unlock once you know and understand the mechanic behind them. Once you have the doors unlocked, they will reveal various different treasure chests.
If you are eager to understand how to unlock these doors, then I shall tell you the mechanic behind them. In order to unlock these doors. You will have pictures that go around in a clockwise direction. And the first picture represents the number ‘0’.
There is a huge hint as to how to open. From there all you are required to do is try and get to the target number that is shown in the diagram on the door.

Anyway, once you are ready to progress with the main story, we will then need to either go to the Charms Class or the Defence Against the Dark Arts Class. It doesn’t matter which as we will need to go to both.
Also, both of these classrooms are relatively next to each other and can be located in the Astronomy wing area of the castle.

During the Charms Class, you will be competing against another student named Natsai Onai as we learn the spell, Accio. Which is used to pull objects closer towards us.
It does not matter if you lose the mini game as the story will still continue regardless. The only reward you will get for winning and beating Natsai is extra bonus dialogue and the feeling of being far superior.

As for Professor Hecat’s ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts Class’, this one will play out something similar to the charms class. As in, we get a new student to compete against, this time we will be trying to learn the spell, Levioso. A levitation spell that has the ability to basically ‘levitate’ our opponents. Forcing them to lower their guard.

Regardless of which class you decided to do first, we will then need to either speak with Professor Ronen or Sebastian. After having completed both the Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts classes, we will then be tasked with meeting up with Professor Weasley.

Upon speaking with Professor Weasley, we will then begin making our preparations to Hogsmeade. However, we will also be asked about which companion we should go with first, either Sebastian Sallow or Natsai Onai. Does not matter which. After the conversation, feel free to leave the room.
At this point we will have also unlocked the new ‘Owl Post’ feature. This feature basically lets us receive mail from other students and various characters. Though to begin with, there won’t be any mail. We will need to advance the story a bit more for that

After exiting the room and speaking with Professor Weasley, we now need to speak with Professor Ronen in order to collect our first assignment. Assignments are basically quests that are given to us by professors. If we manage to complete the assignment. That. Will be given to us by Professor Ronen, we will learn a new spell.
In this case, we will learn the spell, Reparo. Which is used to repair objects. It will come in very handy for future quests. We also cannot progress without it.

The assignment given to us by Professor Ronen will see us trying to catch flying pages. We can catch these pages by using the ‘Accio’ spell. We can find one of these pages by the broken statue. Whilst the other can be found in the ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.
In case you were wondering, both of these locations will be marked on your map. The first one can be found located behind us. In this very area.

Flying Page Near Broken Statue

Once you have successfully managed to find both of the ‘flying pages’, we can then report back to Professor Ronen. Here we will learn the ‘Reparo’ spell and complete his assignment.
Though Professor Ronen says we can use the newly acquired repair spell on the broken statue where the flying page was located. There is no reward for doing this however. Making it slightly pointless but feel free to test it out if you want to do so.

All that is left now is to meet your chosen companion and make the final preparations for Hogsmeade.

Start your first day.
Attend Charms Class.
Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts Class.
Talk to Professor Ronen
Speak with Sebastian
Meet with Professor Weasley
Report to Professor Ronen.
visit Hogsmeade and gather your supplies.
Collect the flying page near the broken statue.
Collect the flying page in the ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower’.
Return to Professor Ronen

The Field Guide Map shows Professor Ronen’s class in the Astronomy Wing.
The Field Guide Map shows Professor Hecat’s class in the lower section of the Astronomy Wing.

Levioso (Spell), Accio (Spell), Reparo (Spell)


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