Hogwarts Legacy : Moth Picture Puzzle (Ravenclaw Tower)

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After having successfully managed to complete the ‘Moth to a Frame‘ side quest, which sees us having to use the ‘Lumos’ spell on an empty framed picture. We will then get a small glimpse of a picture that resembles another location.

We then need to find this location, though this can be rather difficult as the image is so vague. However, once we do we will then need to repeat the process of the ‘Moth to a Frame‘ side quest, by guiding the green moth to the relevant picture.

So despite this being very similar to the side quest, it is not actually part of a quest chain. Also, most of the rewards that you will get for successfully solving this is a ‘Field Guide Page‘. So if you are collecting those then you will want to complete these.

This one will be solving the one that is located within the Ravenclaw Tower

LOCATION: Ravenclaw Tower (The Grand Staircase)
GUIDE: Head to the Ravenclaw Tower, which is located within the Grand staircase.

From there, head down the stairs and at the very bottom of the spiral staircase is our framed picture. In order to activate it, we will need to cast the spell, Lumos.
This will then reveal a location within the picture, though it is very vague. Our job now, however, is to find this location and head to it.
In truth, this is an easy one. So easy. All you need to do is head straight back up the spiral staircase and you will be in the room that is actually located on the picture.
The good thing about these types of puzzles is that the required moth and locations are never too far away from the actual picture itself.

Once you have successfully reached the correct location, you will then want to use the ‘Lumos’ spell once again. This will then. Locate the required month. The reason why the ‘Lumos’ spell is required is due to the moth being attracted to the wand’s light.
With the moth now being attracted towards the wand. We can now make our way back down to the picture.

In order for the month to reattach itself to this picture, we just need to use a basic cast. This will then force the moth to attach to the picture and thus completing the puzzle.


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