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When you were ready. Go ahead and meet your chosen companion by the entrance to Hogwarts. What occurs after that is a rather lengthy walk with our companion towards Hogsmeade. Along the way, we will unlock a fast travel to the Forbidden Forest. Which, as its name says, is currently. Off limits and forbidden.
Once you arrive at Hogsmeade, it’ll be time to do some shopping.

As we currently find ourselves in a brand new village. Everything can seem rather confusing. However, we can find one of the shops, Ollivanders, who mainly specialises in magic wands. Just a little north of our starting location. Look for a brown building whilst inside the wand shop. Make sure to use the bell in order to get attention. We will then be introduced to a man named Gerbold Ollivander.
After a rather amusing scene, we will then be given our new wand. Here we can customize our brand new wand. This includes changing the wand’s style, wood type. And giving it options of either Dragon Heartstring, a Unicorn Hair or a Phoenix Feather.

Choosing Our New Wand

Though the wand core options might sound nice, each one of them actually comes with its own description. For example, the Dragon Heartstring is said to be good for producing powerful magic. Whilst the Unicorn Hair is known for producing consistent magic. Meanwhile, the Phoenix Feather is capable of producing a great range of magic. The Choice all boils down to how you want to play the game and your overall playstyle.

Remember, if you end up getting lost in your search for these shops, you can always access the map menu and then navigate across to the required building. From there, set a waypoint and then just follow the mini map. You can find The Magic Neep shop over in the western section of Hogsmeade.
Whilst J.Pippin’s Potions is just a little south of the western bridge. As for ‘Tomes and Scrolls’, it should be an easy find as it is right by the entrance.

Finish the rest of your shopping and then report back to your chosen companion. Who should be waiting for you over at the Hogsmeade Square. A scene will then break out and we will be tasked with trying to defend Hogsmeade.
This battle will be against an ‘Armoured Troll’. It will serve as a tutorial that will introduce us to the ‘Ancient Magic Throw’ ability. Which allows us to pick up nearby objects and basically throw them at our enemy target.

Performing The Ancient Magic Throw Ability

After the fight, we will then be introduced to another character. This one is named Officer Singer. She seems to be the officer of the area. Who will then task us with helping her to repair the village.
In order to be able to help officer Singer repair the village. We will basically need to look for highlighted objects. Once you have located one of these highlighted objects, we can then use the ‘Reparo’ spell.

After successfully repairing Hogsmeade, we will then need to speak with the shopkeeper over at ‘Gladrags Wizardwear’. Here we will get a free ‘Traditional School Robe’ for helping to save the village. This will also be a tutorial on how to ‘equip new gear’. The ‘Traditional School Robe’ is the exact same outfit as our original, just with additional defence.

Return to the Hogwarts Castle to complete the quest.

Meet ‘chosen companion’ near the entrance to Hogwarts
visit Tomes and Scrolls
Visit ollivanders.
Visit J. Pippin’s Potions
Visit The Magic Neep
Meet at the town circle.
Defend Hogsmeade
Repair the damage (0/7)
Speak with the shopkeeper.
Follow to The Three Broomsticks.

Professor Weasley has arranged for me to visit the nearby village of Hogsmeade and replace my lost supplies.
I should be able to navigate to the different shops using my map.

Recommended Level 2
Reparo (Spell)

Ancient Magic Throw
Traditional School Robe


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