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Once you wake up, you will find yourself in the common room. From there we will receive our very first Owl post. It is from Professor Fig, who has apparently found something, regarding the locket.
Meet Professor Fig over in his classroom, which is situated in ‘The Astronomy Wing’. At first Professor Fig will not actually be here. This is due to this specific quest also playing out as some kind of tutorial. This time it is a tutorial on having to ‘wait’.
These ‘wait circles’ are scattered throughout the game. They allow you to skip time so that you can automatically advance the story section. Wait for Professor Fig.

After our conversation with Professor Fig. We will then be tasked with meeting up with Professor Hecat, in order to complete one of her assignments. This will then earn us the ‘Incendio’ spell. You can find her over at the ‘Dark Arts’ classroom.
Here we will learn that the Incendio spell relates to casting fire. So it will be useful for burning things like spider webs. However, before we can learn the spell, we are required to do some tasks first. This will include having to win two rounds of crossed wands and learning spell combinations.
In order to find Lucan Brattleby and continue with the required assignment we will need to head to ‘The South Wing’.

The second round of crossed wands will take us into the adept round, which will be either three on one or three on two, depending if you want to compete alongside a companion or not. The first round will have been an optional side quest earlier in the game. Crossed Wands is supposed to be a secret organisation. Seems that professor Hecat knows all about it. So much for it being a ‘secret’.
In order to practise the spell combinations. We will need to use and borrow the training dummy. In order to complete it, you will just need to simply follow the commands at the top of the screen. Remember to take things slow and don’t rush like I did on my original attempt.

When you are ready, head back to Professor Hecat. Upon returning to the professor over at the Dark Arts classroom, we will finally get the chance to learn the Incendio spell. We could now torch the castle, if we wanted MUWAHAHAHAHA. That was a joke, by the way.
Upon acquiring the Incendio spell, the game will then tell us that we have too many spells to assign to our shortcut menu. So we will then get a tutorial on how to set different spells to our shortcut menu. In this case, we will need to make sure that the Incendio spell is added to the shortcut menu.
To assign a new spell to the shortcut menu. Just hover the icon over it and select the required button. In this case I went with ‘R2 and Square’ and replaced it with the ‘Accio’ spell.

Assigning Our Spells To The Shortcut Menu

Okay, now that we have the required spell, feel free to use it on the practise dummy within the classroom. Once you are ready, we need to return to Professor Fig over at The Astronomy Wing. During which we will get a rather abrupt appearance from the headmaster. Oh well, it is time to pay Sebastian a visit.
We can find him over at the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Our task now is to go with Sebastian and sneak into the library and the restricted section. Here we will also learn our next spell, Disillusionment. This spell will temporarily turns us invisible. Great for sneaking around and also great for unlocking those mimic one-eyed treasure chests that you may have already come across before.
Proceed by casting the Disillusionment spell straight away and sneaking towards the library door. Avoiding the students along the way.

Whilst inside the library, it turns out that the librarian is still here. Our job now is to search the librarian’s desk in order to find the key. From there, follow Sebastian and use the key to unlock the gate. We will then need to descend the next flight of stairs, where we’ll come up face to face with one of the ghosts. These ghosts can still see us, even though we are invisible.
The only way we can get past this ghost is by causing a distraction. To do that, we will need to cast a basic spell On Objects and the environment, good idea is to use the wall to our advantage. Cast a basic spell on the wall and the target ghost will start walking towards it. This will be our opportunity to sneak past.
Continue on down the next set of stairs and we should be out of danger, at least for now.

Unfortunately our friendly neighbourhood ghost, Peeves, will appear and start causing problems. Flying off and assumingly going to report us to the librarian. Not good. Sebastian will try to give chase. Meaning we are now going solo from here on. Continue on by repairing the debris in front of us.

Continue on and we will come across some ancient magic that we can interact with. Do so and then enter the Athenaeum. Keep following the path and we will eventually reach the Antechamber. Here there will be a doorway, however the path below has disappeared, meaning we cannot go any further. To remedy this, we will need to aim at the top of this doorway and use a basic spell cast. This will then wake it up and reveal the path for it.
From there we will then be attacked by enemy targes known as ‘Pensieve Sentry’. Basically the Guard Knights of the area. Use what you have learned so far and defeat them all.

Continue on, and there will be another doorway that we will need to awaken. The same method applies, however this time the floor below us will eventually disappear, so be quick. Keep going, and we will eventually reach the book.

Talk to Professor Fig
Report to Professor Hecat
Win two rounds of Crossed Wands (0/2)
Complete a round of spell combination practise with Lucan Brattleby
Return to Professor Hecat
Return to Professor Fig’s Classroom.
Talk to Sebastian
Meet Sebastian in the Central Hall at night.
Sneak into the library.
Get the key from the librarian’s desk.
Find the book. (Fig’s book)
Enter the Athenaeum
Discover the secret of the Antechamber

Professor Fig found a map that leads to something in the Restricted Section. He wants me to visit Professor Hecat before we go any further.
Professor Hecat would like to speak to me about some additional assignment.

I need to use the Disillusionment Charm that Sebastian taught me and then sneak past the Prefects without them noticing me. I must remember that I’m not completely invisible to them – I’m just harder to see.

Incendio (Spell), Disillusionment (Spell)


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