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Head to Professor Fig’s classroom, over in The Astronomy Wing. Speak with him, and then it will be time to attend the Herbology class.
Here Professor Garlick will want us to plant a few seeds over at the potting table. This is basically another tutorial. This time on herbology and planting seeds. This will then help provide ingredients for our later adventures.
Each seed takes time to plant and harvest. So remember to always come back to claim your rewards, and of course plant more!

Planting Seeds In Herbology Class

Our next objective will be to follow a student named Leander Prewett to a greenhouse full of ‘Chinese Chomping Cabbages’, delightful.
In order to complete this one, we will need to take one of these chomping cabbages and then open the tool wheel using the ‘L1 and Right Stick’ on the controller. Here we can then throw the cabbage at the training dummy. After playing with the cabbage return back to Professor Garlick.

After having fun with the plants. We will then get an extra quest objective. This time we need to pay a visit to the Potion Class. Which is held by Professor Sharp.
It is a rather easy class where we basically learn how to add and mix ingredients. It basically plays out as an ingredients and recipe tutorial in order to help create potions that can heal, improve our defence, and more.

Creating Potions In Potions Class

As we try to enter Professor Sharp’s office, we will get introduced to Garreth Weasley. Apparently, he wants us to get a ‘Fwooper Feather’. Regardless if you choose to help him or not, all of the ingredients, including the feather, will be easy to find as soon as you enter the office.
With all of the ingredients now having been collected, we can return to our Potion Station. Our task is to use these ingredients in order to ‘brew an Endurus Potion’. A potion that can help our defence.

All that remains now is to go and visit Netty, who is to the South of the castle. At a location known simply as, Lower Hogsfield. After the conversation we will then heard an argument off in the distance. Thus triggering ‘Help the stranger’.
The ‘Help the Stranger’ quest objective is also part of the ‘Trials of Merlin’. Apparently a woman needs help just across the water beyond the dock. Approach her.

By speaking with this woman, we will then trigger a fight against some of Rookwood’s minions. Defeat them in order to get more information about the ‘Trails of Merlin’ and who this woman actually is. Nora Treadwell studies and is fascinated by the legends of Merlin. She also believes that ‘Mallowsweet’ has a lot behind this new found study of hers.
This will then begin the first of the Merlin’s trials. In order to solve this one, all we need to do is use the Insendio fire spell on the pyres.

Return to Professor Fig’s classroom.
Attend Herbology Class.
Talk to Professor Garlick
Plant dittany seeds at the Potting table
Meet Leander Prewett
Harvest a Chinese Chomping Cabbage
Attend Potions Class
Brew an Endurus Potion
Meet with Natty
Help the stranger
Get the Mallowsweet from the trunk


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