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After our search of the antechamber, we will now have Professor Fig’s book. However, some of the pages are missing from the book and we need to seek more information about this
In order to continue our research regarding these missing pages, we will need to seek out a house-elf that may have some clues. This will lead to the ‘Scrope’s Last Hope’ objective.

Apparently one of the notes from the book could actually be found in the castle courtyard. Head to the clock Tower Courtyard and we will find the first of Scrope’s notes in the mouth of a squirrel statue.
Unfortunately, this will lead to having to find another note. The only clue we get to the location of this second note is the following;
‘Scrope knows about the book you found. Is it missing something? Scrope does not believe it is safe to speak out in the open. Scrope has left another note – across the bridge, along a circle of rocks. Take care. Tell no one about this’

Head to the quest objective marker and you will find a circle of stones or rocks. The note is actually quite an easy find to be honest. Simply cast the ‘Revelio’ spell and you should spot it.
It sits on the second rock, or stone to the left. By casting the spell, it should be highlighted for you anyway.

In order to be able to reach the scroll. We will need to use the nearby cargo boxes. This way we can climb on top of these boxes and take it from the rock. Using spells in order to get the scroll does not work. I have already tested it. The only way is to use the cargo boxes. After having successfully collected this note, we are still not yet done.

The clue to the location for the next note is as follows; ‘Almost there. Head for the pumpkins just down from the stone circle. Look inside one of them. You may be able to help poor, broken-hearted Scrope’. Continue down the path, following the quest objective marker. Here we will find a small building. Just outside of this building is a ton of pumpkins. Use the ‘Revelio’ spell and the ‘Mysterious Note’ will be revealed.

Locating Scrope’s Final Mysterious Note

After collecting all of these notes, it will inevitably lead us to having to meet Scrope by the waters edge. From there it is off to the Grotto. Apparently this is where we can locate our missing pages and Scrope’s ring. Just keep following the quest objective marker. It’s just a little to the north.
Whilst exploring this Grotto, we will find Apollonia Black’s Journal. Which will then trigger a scene with the spirit form of, Richard Jackdaw. Our next destination is over to the Forbidden Forest. However, don’t forget to report back to Scrope before hand. (Note: Whilst in the Grotto we can also collect the ‘Ghost Of Our Love‘ side quest too)

When you arrive at the Forbidden Forest head towards the bridge to find a ‘Love Letter’. This is actually a letter from Richard Jackdaw to Apollonia, regarding a picnic. Once you are ready, proceed and meet up with Richard Jackdaw over in the forest.
Follow Richard and eventually he will leave. Meaning we need to go on and find the cave where Richard died. All on our own. Yikes.. This Forrest certainly feels unpleasant.

Just keep following the quest objective marker and it will eventually lead to Richard’s tomb. Go ahead and whisper the password into the empty birdbath. This will then unlock the door to the tomb and we can go inside. Some of Ranrock’s Loyalists will try to intervene.

Once inside, we will immediately come to a locked gate. Simply use a basic spell on the locks in order to open it. Thus revealing our next path in the process. Feel free to explore the rest of the cave. However, in order to progress, we will need to find another locked gate. Once again, use a basic spell on the locks to open it. Use the ‘Revelio’ spell to reveal one of the hidden locks. There is three in total. Continue on following the path.

Unlocking The Gate Locks

Here we will find some platforms. Use the Accio spell in order to pull it towards you and then use the Accio spell once again. To make your way over to the next platform. Continue along. There is much not much to really talk and explain about this place everything that we will now come across will be more or less
the same as before. There will be more locked gates, so remember to cast the ‘Revelio’ spell to find the locks. Eliminate more spiders. Then when we come across the night. We can always disarm them by using the ‘Expelliarmus’ spell. Eventually we will arrive at another portal.

Towards the end of the cave we will reach a dead end room (Map Chamber) with portraits that we can interact with, go ahead and do so. It is here where we will also unlock talent points. These talent points will increase per level starting at level 5, meaning we will have seven points to spend right now. Going by the fact that around this point we should at level 11.
Talent points can be used to help improve your spellcasting, Dark Arts, Overall effectiveness, Sneaking abilities and combat and potions usage. It is up to you what you choose to spend them on.

Exit the Map Chamber once you are ready.

Follow your lead to the book’s missing pages
Find Scrope’s note in the courtyard.
Find the book’s missing pages
Find the cave where Richard Jackdaw died.
Find the missing pages

260 XP


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