Hogwarts Legacy – Summoner’s Court Match 1 (Side Quest)

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Summoner’s Court Match 1 is an optional side quest within Hogwarts Legacy. It can be found and collected over at the Flying Class Lawn. Which is part of the Hogwarts Castle (Bell Tower Wing)

This specific side quest will have us playing a mini game. It is very similar to the mini game in the first Charms Class.

SIDE QUEST: Summoner’s Court Match 1
QUEST GIVER: Leander Prewett
LOCATION: Flying Class Lawn (Bell Tower Wing)
GUIDE: Head to the ‘Bell Tower Wing’, from there head outside to the courtyard in order to find this side quest. This will take us to the ‘Flying Class Lawn’.

Upon speaking with Leander Prewett we will learn that Summoner’s Court is a test of skill, apparently. Basically, we will be challenging Leander at a small mini game similar to the one we did back in our very first Charms class with Professor Ronen. We will be tasked with using the Accio spell to pull the objects towards the end of the board.

In order to win this mini game, we will need to get the ball object into the blue or green zones for the maximum amount of points. Hopefully without the ball object rolling off and onto the grass.
As with the mini game back in Charms Class, the AI is rather good at these mini games, so it may take a while in order to win the match.

Remember, persistence and patience is key.

Someone is looking for a new opponent at Summoner’s Court.

Go to the Summoners court board.

I managed to receive this side quest shortly after retrieving Professor Fig’s book from the Antechamber.

180 XP


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