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When you arrive back from the map chamber, we will get two messages regarding our next main quest. One of which will have us attending the flying class and the other is an assignment from Professor Sharp. For the sake of this specific guide, we will go with Sharp’s assignment first.

For this assignment, we are required to find and use several different potions including; ‘Focus Potion’, a ‘Maxima’ and ‘Edurus Potions’ too. If we manage to complete this assignment, we will be rewarded with the ‘Depulso’ spell. So let us begin by acquiring the necessary ingredients.
These ingredients include; ‘Ashwinder Eggs’ and ‘Mongrel Fur’. Whilst the rest can be purchased from J. Pippin’s Potions.

OK, for the first ingredient, let’s focus on finding those ‘Ashwinder Eggs’. Theese are simple to find, and you can find quite a few of them over at the ‘North FeldCroft’ area to the South. They are gold in colour and are often found on the ground in a collection or a set of three.
Next up is the ‘Mongrel Fur’. Which can also be found in the ‘North Feldcroft’ region. Simply hunt and track down the ‘Dark Mongrels’ as they will then drop their ‘Mongrel Fur’.

As previously mentioned, the rest of the ingredients that are needed for the assigment can be purchased from J. Pippin’s Potions. Complete the assignment and remember to brew the potions over at the Potions Classroom. From there report to Professor Sharp to complete the assignment. Lo and behold, we will then get another one.
The next assignment from Professor Sharp will have us needing to get an ‘Invisibility Potion’ and use a ‘Thunderbrew Potion’ against an enemy target.

However, purchasing new potion recipes can be quite costly, so thankfully we can actually skip the assignment and just continue on with the main story. For the most part, the assignments are actually optional. But they do give us rather nice and unique rewards, such as very important spells that could be used later in the game.
In order to continue with the story, you will need to head to the ‘Flying Class Lawn’, over in the Bell Tower Wing.

This will begin the tutorial on how to fly on a broomstick. All we need to do is fly through the various hoops. And eventually we will get to fly around the castle. Continue on flying through the hoops and eventually one of the students will come up and we will be tasked with following him instead. Follow Everett.

Learning To Fly Whilst In Flying Class

After the class has finished, we will then be able to unlock the ability to buy our own broomstick. Which I totally recommend we do right now. By purchasing our very own broomstick we will be able to not just fast travel around the map, but you can also fly around to different locations. Which of course is so much faster than simply running and walking around.
In order to purchase a new broomstick for yourself, you will need to head to Hogsmeade. From there, make your way to Spintwitches. This is also connected to the ‘Flight Test’ side quest. Head inside Spintwitches and speak with Albie Weekes. Before we can even consider purchasing a broom though, make sure you have at least 600 coin spare. These brooms all cost the same amount of coin but some are more better suited than others.

Once you have successfully purchased your own broomstick, you will only be able to equip and fly around on it outside of villages and towns. So basically, out in the wilderness is where we can use it. So feel free to fast travel to any open area and equip the broom by holding down the ‘Ll’ button and then pressing the ‘Circle’ button on the controller. We will then take off on our broom and be able to fly around freely.

Now head to the Defence Against Dark Arts Tower in order to meet up with Sebastian. It is now time to explore a secret room of the Undercroft. Here we will learn a new spell. Which is apparently a cursed spell., known as ‘Confringo’. It is a long range fire spell that continues to deal damage overtime.
When you are ready, leave the Undercroft and we will come face to face With, Ominis. Who isn’t happy to see us having discovered their secret place. (Does anyone get Draco Moufoy vibes from this guy? On that topic. Professor Sharp seems a lot like Professor Snape too. My personal favourite character from the movies)

Undercroft Entrance Location

All that is left to do now is meet up with Professor Weasley, over in ‘The Astronomy Wing’. Here we will be exploring the Room of Requirement. We will also learn the spell, Evanesco. Which is used to make items vanish. You can also turn these vanished items into Moonstone when cast within the Room of Requirement.
Keep following Professor Weasley around the room. Eventually, the professor will find something of interest to her, and we will get to explore the rest of the room on our own. Our objective is to find the house-elf, Deek.

Continue on and use the ‘Evanesco’ spell on the next set of chairs. When you manage to find the house-elf. We will then get the opportunity for another tutorial. We will now be given a room of our very own and the ‘Desk of Description’. Which can be used to help identify any gear that we collect that, at first, may come as being ‘ unidentified’.
So basically we can identify any unidentified objects are currently in our possession. When you are ready, proceed and speak with Professor Weasley.

We will now learn the ‘Conjuring’ spell, which has the ability to conjure items into existence when cast within the Room of Requirement. You can see where this is going right now. Basically this room that we are currently in will be used as a place for decoration. Where we can position furnishing such as rugs, decorations, artwork, statues, tables and so on. That we manage to collect throughout our adventures.
For now, though, we need to conjure up our ‘potting table’ and ‘potions station’. We can do this by assigning the correct spell to our shortcut menu on the bottom right of the screen. From there, select the ‘Potions’ and ‘Herbology’ option in the Conjuration menu. Place both the ‘Potions Station’ and ‘Potting Table’ wherever you want in the room.

Our New Room Is Born

After spending several hours trying to decorate your room. Then proceeding to feel disappointed at the lack of pictures of Peeves to hang on the wall. We will then need to speak with Professor Weasley once again. Apparently she wants to teach you more magic.
This time we will learn all about Transfiguration. Professor Weasley will ask us to go and find some moonstone. It is likely that you have probably already got enough by now. It is very easy to find. Not only can you acquire it within the Room of Requirement by casting ‘Evanesco’.
However, I managed to find most of mine by just exploring out in the wilderness. Moonstone can basically be found by locating ‘mining crystals’. Don’t worry, we will not need to mine any crystal. Instead just simply use a basic cast on it.
Whichever way you feel like collecting the moonstone, it really doesn’t matter. But as said you probably have enough by now. At least in order to be able to complete this quest.

Decorating Our New Room With A Potions Station

Once we have enough moonstone and spoken to Professor Weasley once again, we will then need to decorate the room a bit more. Basically we need to add wall and floor decorations. Where is the lovely Peeves decorations? DAMMIT!

Attend Flying Class
Meet Professor Weasley in the seventh floor corridor.
Learn a curse with Sebastian.

Confringo (Spell), Conjuring (Spell), Evanesco (Spell), Conjuration Spellcraft


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