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Okay, now we can begin this one by heading to and speaking with Professor Fig, who will be over in his classroom. Make your way over to ‘The Astronomy Wing’.

After the scene involving Professor Fig and the Map Chamber, our next objective is the San Bakar’s Tower. Which is to the north of Hogwarts. Near Pitt-Upon-Ford. This is basically the introductory to our very first trial.
We will also get another new assignment, this time from Madam Kogawa. This will basically lead us to having to fly and pop balloons in both Hogsmeade Station and the Quidditch Pitch. Sounds simple enough. Feel free to do that one if you want. Then, once you are ready, make way for the tower to the north.

When we arrive at the tower, it would seem that it can only be done during daytime, so feel free to wait it out if need be. Then speak with Professor Fig It seems that some of Ranrok’s loyalists are here, so make sure to equip the ‘Disillusionment’ spell. Alternatively, we can always just run in and blast everyone with spells.

From there we will then be tasked with investigating the goblins presence and why they are here to begin with. If you keep a close eye on the ground, you should notice several pieces of, what looks like, paper. Follow this trail of paper and it will lead to a cart. Next to this cart is a tent. Inside this tent is a desk with a letter on. You want to inspect this letter. It appears to be a letter from Ronrok.

Anyway, more goblins will then arrive. But after that we will then be allowed inside the tower. Time to explore the tower. In order to complete Rackham’s trial we will first need to inspect the ancient magic, and then we will come across a path that seems to have collapsed. In order to solve this issue, we need to head down the stairs to find yet more ancient magic. This will then reveal the pathway for us.
Continue on. This next floor will start to move. It goes up when you go back, and then it goes down when you move forward. Don’t worry about it and just continue on. Here we will find some more ancient magic.
Enter the next portal. For the most part the paths are rather linear. Eventually it will lead to more of the Pensieve Protectors. Don’t forget to use the ‘Expelliarmus’ spell in order to disarm them.

After the fight against the Knights. Inspect the room. There is a platform that we can move around using the ‘Accio’ spell. Continue to use this spell alongside the platform in order to reach an area with more ancient magic. By interacting with this ancient magic, the room will then change ever so slightly. This will then allow us to get back on our platform and move around the rest of the room.
Use this platform and the ‘Accio’ spell in order to get behind the portal that has now appeared. The portal itself just leads to a dead end, so we don’t really need to be in it. It is more important to get around it.

Moving Around On Platforms

After dealing with yet more Knights. We will come across more ancient magic. However, the only way to actually activate this magic is by using the platform above us. Yes, we need to move yet more platforms. Move the platform using the ‘Accio’ spell and stand on it in order to trigger the ancient magic.. From there, hop back down to the ground floor and enter the portal. You should be able to see our next objective, however, it resides on a high platform that we cannot currently reach. To remedy this, we will need to head up the stairs. Here we will see the platform that we moved. All we need to do is head on it and pull ourselves over to the destination.
Once the platform cannot go any further towards the objective marker, simply use the portal once again. From there move the platform close to the bridge, so that all we need to do is head onto this bridge and then we can use the platform once again to actually reach the mission objective. Puzzle solved. It is all about taking advantage of the portals as they change the room layout.

Eliminate yet more Knights and we will come across yet another moving platform as well as ancient magic. Activate this ancient magic and move the platform close to you. Jump onto this platform and turn your attention to the right. You want to pull yourself over to this direction. Ignoring the next portal. In the middle of the room.
If we were to enter the portal in the middle of the room, we will fall to our death. So stick to the right side of the room. From there, we can then pull ourselves behind the portal. Here we will find a treasure chest.

Solving The Puzzle Platforms

Enter the portal in the middle of the room and then turn around. You will see there is an extra moving platform. What we need to do is use the platform that we were on earlier in order to get on top of this new platform that we can see through the portal. Once we’re on the platform, that can be seen as through the portal, we can then pull ourselves over to the mission objective. Remember to use the ‘Depulso’ spell if needed.

After solving all of the tower puzzles, we will then come face to face with the final boss of the area. A giant, Pensieve Guardian. It is much like the normal Pensieve Knight, only much bigger and taller. Once you have destroyed the Guardian. That will then complete our trial.

Proceed and leave the tower once you are ready. We will find ourselves back in the Map Chamber.

Tell Professor Fig about the Map Chamber.
Explore the tower
Percival Rackham’s Trial (San Bakar’s Tower)

Pensieve Artefact, 260XP


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