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This quest starts off with several different objectives. But for the sake of this guide, we will be attending ‘Beast Class’ first. This is basically another tutorial. This time on how to catch roaming beasts out in the wilderness. Chances are you have discovered many characters talking about collecting beasts by now and probably wondering what they are going on about. This is our answer.
Head to the Beast Class down by the Bell Tower Wing and Flying Class Lawn. During this class, we will get a Puffskein named Gerald in order to practise our skills on. Brushing and petting. Yes, I suddenly feel like I am in a zoo.
Once you have somehow managed to distract yourself from the adorable cats in the pen, we will then be tasked with following Poppy into the forest. Brace yourself for more adorable.

Our next task is to go and see Gladwin Moon, for a quest known as ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’. The reward for this specific quest is the ‘Alohomora’ spell. Which allows us to pick lockpicks, which is great as there are plenty of doors that require lockpicks.
The quest itself will see us having to basically steal statues of the moon. These statues are said to show what people are most frightened of. Hence why Gladwin is not really too impressed by them. He wants them removed so he no longer had to worry about them.
Apparently there is at least two other statues to collect and remove. One in the bathroom, and the other in the hospital wing. We will finally be taught the ‘Alohomora’ lockpick spell.
Remember to use the ‘Disillusionment’ spell in order to stealth your way and collect these moon statues. To begin with, as this is a tutorial leading into another quest. They will be an easy find. Report back to Gladwin Moon once you were done.
As said, upon completing this one, we will get another quest where we can collect the other remaining moon statues. A quest known as ‘The Man Behind The Moons’. There are 30 statues to collect altogether. Getting them all will also unlock the ‘Demiguise Dread’ trophy achievement.


Head to ‘The Three Broomsticks’ over in Hogsmeade. Here we will want to speak to Sirona. The rather strange sounding assistant behind the counter. Here we can find out more about Lodgok. After the conversation we will now want to head to the Hog’s Head which is to the South West of Hogsmeade.

At the Hog’s Head we will meet up with Lodgok. Tell him that you are ‘friends with Sirona’ and he will tell us about an important relic. He will then want to meet us at the witch’s tomb. Exit Hogsmeade and follow Lodgok to the tomb. Apparently this relic is known as the ‘Helm of Urtkot’. We will eventually arrive at ‘The Collector’s Cave’.

Once inside we will encounter a locked door. On closer inspection. This locked door seems to have moths on it. It is currently missing a moth. It is supposed to have three moths in order to unlock. You can find the third and missing moth by heading down the path to the left.
Use the ‘Lumos’ spell in order to attract the moths attention. Guide it back to the locked door and we should be able to advance with the story.

Continue on and we will come to yet another locked door that requires more moths. Two of the moths can actually be found in this very room. Feel free to guide and place them into the door. In order to find the third and final moth, we will need to find the highlighted wall.
Seems as though this wall can be interacted with and perhaps destroyed. As the quest description suggests, in order to destroy this wall we need to use the ‘Depulso’ spell. In this next area we will come across some enemy targets known as, Inferius.

Continue on and yes, you guessed it, another door that requires moths. However, before we place the moths into the door, I suggest we pay attention to the mechanism in the middle of the room instead. This mechanism can be turned. We also only have two of the three moths that we need for the door.
The third and final moth is up on a high platform that we cannot currently reach. So as I said, turn your attention to the mechanism in the middle of the room. On closer inspection, this mechanism will have moth indentations on it.
What a coincidence. There are two moth indentations and two moths within this very room. Proceed and place both of these moths into the mechanism and then cast ‘Depulso’ to set the mechanism turning.

We can then climb up the top platform and collect the next moth. We will then have three moths that we can use for the door. In this next room, we appear to have a crate hanging from the ceiling. Underneath it seems to be a weak floor. It’s obvious what we need to do here.
Destroy the floor and head down to the lower levels. Do not worry, we will land in water to break our fall.

In this next area, there will be more enemy targets to deal with. They seem to be rather weak against fire based spells. So using spells such as ‘Confringo’ is a good idea. Also in this room is another rotating mechanism.
In order to solve this one we will need to stand on the actual platform that gets lifted once the mechanism begins rotating. Basically, use it as a lift in order to reach the top platform. Up here we will find another locked door that requires the moths.

Lure and insert both of the moths that are up here into the door. There is actually another moth on the lower ground. So head back down and collect the moth and then bring it back up with you and insert it into the door. That should be three moths.

In this next room, search the fallen Ashwinder and we will find out that the helmet is no longer here. It must have been stolen. But by who? We do not leave empty handed though, as we manage to receive a signet ring. Report back to Lodgok. We will then be tasked with trying to recover the helmet from the thieves.

Our next destination is just a little to the West to a goblin camp. Here we will also find a troll. Anyway, the helmet that we need resides in a treasure chest inside the tents. We will then be ambushed by Ashwinders. After playing about with those, we can report back to Lodgok.


Meet up with Deek over in the ‘Room Of Requirement’, It is time to go out into the wilderness and catch ourselves a few beasts. We can do this by using a ‘Nab-Sack’. Our first beast for collection is a ‘Puffskein’. Deek will show us where to find one.
Simply approach one of the fluffy ‘rolling balls’ and equip a ‘Nab-Sack’ to your inventory by pressing ‘right on the directional pad’. Assign the ‘Nab-Sack’ and use it on the Puffskein.
Once you have successfully managed to catch one, we will then need to report back to Deek. Next up is a Jobberknoll.

Head to the West in order to find the Jobberknoll. Apparently the ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ spell can be quite useful in catching certain beasts. I had the spell at this point. I have to say it was rather useful as it stopped them from flying and forced them to land.
Making the capture so much more easier. Report back to Deek and we will now be tasked with more beast collecting, this time Mooncalfs.

Capturing A Jobberknoll

Not too far away from our last location is the ‘Mooncalf Den’. Here we will find Deek and begin our next beast catch! Apparently Mooncalf only appear during nightfall. So looks like we might have to wait. Depending on what cycle we are currently on.
In case you are wondering, you can switch both day and night cycle by accessing the map menu screen and pressing the ‘R3’ button on the controller. When nightfall hits we can then begin our next catch!

Follow the path up north and we will begin to find our Mooncalf. These creatures are both shy and timid, so simply running up to them will not work. So to remedy this problem we will need to cast the ‘Disillusionment’ spell in order to sneak up on them. Report back to Deek

Deek will now want us to meet him back in the ‘Room of Requirement’. We will then be introduced to the ‘Vivarium’, where we can safely release our captured beasts. Tend and care for them. We can also collect materials from them too, such as feathers, fur. All of which can be used as valuable materials for our gear.

Exit the Vivarium and conjure up an ‘Enchanted Loom’, which is under the ‘Utility’ menu. The game will then teach us how to upgrade our gear using the materials found and collected from the beasts. Report to Deek once you are done.


Find Lodgok the goblin
Attend Beast Class
Find out what Gladwin Moon wants
Meet with Deek


260 XP, Conjuration Spellcraft


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