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Head to Feldcroft, which is in the ‘Feldcroft Region’, south west of the map. Here find and speak with Sebastian, who will be over on the watchtower. Speak with him and follow over to Anne’s house. Seems that his father, Solomon, is a rather harsh individual.
It’s obvious that things did not turn out very well for poor Sebastian. Head back inside the house and speak with both Anne and Solomon. Once you are done speaking with both of them, we will then need to find and speak with Sebastian.

Sebastian Reunites With His Sister, Anne.

Follow Sebastian and he will take us to where Anne was cursed by the goblin, and Ranrok’s followers. As we continue along the path we will bump into a few of his ‘so called followers’. After more dialogue with Sebastian we will now need to search the ruins for clues. The goblins were hiding something but what?
If you cast the ‘Revelio’ spell we will be able to locate a pickaxe, apparently the goblins seem to be digging a lot in other regions too. Yet the Ministry fails to act on it. Continue casting the spell and we will find a weapon stand.
Near the wagon cart, next to Sebastian, there will be a structure. It sort of resembles a fire burner of some kind.

After investigating all of that Sebastian will leave his post and make his way towards the house. Follow him and we can then inspect a nearby painting. Sebastian will predict that the painting was intentionally burnt by the goblin. For what reason? Why?
Inspect the huge water well next. Here we can also collect 3 coin. Finally inspect the footprints next to the small nearby bench. Everything and all of the pieces will start to come together.

Inspecting The Mysterious Burnt Painting

This area is actually the one from one of the previous visions with Percival Rackham. The one that involved drought. Speak with Sebastian to continue on. After the dialogue and Sebastian still remains as confused as ever, proceed and inspect the bricks on the wall. They don’t look like the rest. It is as though someone placed them there in a hurry. Destroy the bricks using any ‘forceful’ spell, such as ‘Confringo’ for example or ‘Depulso’.

This will lead to a room with a staircase that goes into the cellar below. Head down. Here we will find a ‘Isidora Morganach Journal Entry’. Two of them in fact. The journals go on to mention the plague and the suffering of those that were inflicted with the curse.
Though this area now feels like a dead end. Perform another ‘forceful’ spell and we will remove the debris that further blocks our path. Look into the mirror here and we will see the ‘Undercroft’, Sebastian will, of course, not believe us. Speak with Sebastian and enter the ‘Undercroft’ through the mirror

Once inside the ‘Undercroft’ we will then want to inspect the note the team just found. It is a ‘Rune Diagram’. Speak with Sebastian. Exit back to the Dark Arts Tower and we will get a new quest.


Though we now have two new quests that we can explore, we are going to be heading to class first. The ‘Astronomy Class’ to be more precise. Make your way to ‘The Astronomy Wing’ and to the ‘Astronomy Tower’. Here we will meet up with our professor, Professor Shah. During class we will learn how to use a telescope and gaze at the stars. How nice.

After class a student named ‘Amit Thakkar’ will allow us to borrow one of his telescopes. Despite telling him that we do not need it, we will be forced to take it anyway. He will then want to see us again, whenever we have the time.
In order to find the telescope simply follow the stairs down. The ones that are connected to this platform below. Our telescope will be on the table here.

Now head down the other set of stairs, that leads to the walkway. Here we will find ‘Amit Thakkar’. Who will mention that he is interested in finding the hidden constellations but wants our help in doing so. We will then be tasked with following through a series of rooms. Use fire based spells to eliminate the webs. Spells such as ‘Confringo’ will do the trick. Eventually we will find ourselves at a stone table (the Astronomy Table).

This begins a small puzzle where we need to correctly align the stars together. Remember to zoom in using the ‘R2’ button for a better look and to make matters easier. Amit admits to being fluent in ‘Gobbledegook’. I think we all are, especially after a few drinks.


Head east of the map, to ‘Hogsmeade Valley’. Here we will be meeting up with Natty. Near ‘Falbarton Castle’. Remember to pick up the fast travel points (Floo Flames) if you have not yet already done so. Natsai has been doing some research in the background. She claims to have found proof that Rookwood and Harlow are conspiring with each other. She has seen a letter that would be enough to show Officer Singer but she needs our help to retrieve it. Our task now is to find a way inside the ‘Falbarton Castle Keep’

Let us start by heading up the wall, to the right of the bridge. Here we will come across a closed gate and a strange mechanism. Use and equip the ‘Depulso’ spell to open and unlock the gate. Inside we can find some coin (13). As well as a crate that we can move.
Equip the ‘Accio’ spell. We basically want to move this crate so that we can climb even further up the wall. Now having the crate on the floor is not enough to get us up the rest of the remaining wall. You can try but you will fail.
So to remedy this we will need to also equip the ‘Levioso’ spell. This spell will allow us to levitate the crate for us to climb on top of.

Feel free to explore the outskirts of the castle but it will eventually lead to a dead end. We have a few bags that we can loot, most of which contain random coins. So instead look for an open window and locate another crate. Use the ‘Accio’ spell to move it.
We need to move the crate as it blocks the entrance on the other side. Move it and then find a pile of wooden planks. Use the ‘Depulso’ spell to get inside. Now to open the gate for Natty.

The mechanism for the gate is in here. However, it keeps dropping back down again after activating it. It seems to be stuck. Inspect the paper on the ground and it will tell you ‘PUSH the gate open DON’T BLAST it’. This next part requires timing. Use ‘Depulso’ on the gate mechanism to raise the gate.
There is a hook just behind the mechanism. Hit the mechanism twice with ‘Depulso’ to get the gate raised enough and allow us to have some more time for the next part. Still, we need to be quick.
Use the ‘Accio’ spell on the small hook behind the gate mechanism. Now the gate is no longer stuck. Problem solved!

Natsai will now re-join us and unlock the other gate for us.


We now need to rescue Highwing. Begin by climbing up to the ledge in front of us. Ignore the stairs as there is nothing down there. Instead use ‘Depulso’ on the crate here to send it down below, now we can use the stairs and go join the crate. Move the crate so that we can climb up to the platform above.

Up here there will be quite a few guards out on patrol. Eliminate them or use a sneak approach. Then unlock the gate at the top using a ‘Level 1’ Alohomora. Once inside climb up and through the damaged wall. Head up the stairs and we will be approached by a ‘Poacher Ranger’.
Make your way into the next gate. Keep climbing up the stairs in order to trigger a scene.


Meet Sebastian in Feldcroft
Attend Astronomy Class
Meet Natty after dark


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