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We will now have some optional tasks that we can get stuck into. However, to continue with the main story we will need to seek out Professor Fig. We can find him over at the ‘Map Chamber’ in the ‘Secret Rooms’. After the scene and dialogue it will be off to the Rookwood Castle.
The castle, of which, is located in the ‘Feldcroft Region’, south west of the map.


Speak with Professor Fig and now we need to find a way inside. Head around the castle and look for a damaged wall that we can climb up. However, this wall is a little too high for normal means. So use the nearby crate to pull it into place. After the scene go ahead and eliminate the remaining goblin threat.

Rookwood And Ranrok Discuss Their Plans

From there head up the steps and into the castle itself. The door here is locked. However, there are symbols on the walls (Professor Fig will point them out). There are three in total to find. Use the ‘Revelio’ spell if necessary. Activate them all using a spell such as ‘Confringo’ or something equivalent.
The door will now unlock. It will take us to Rookwood’s Cellar.

We now need to find Charles Rookwood’s portrait. Follow the linear path and it will lead to a source of magic. Head to the passage on the right and we can collect some coins from the small table. Keep going. Feel free to loot the room but what we really came here for is on the wall. The Rookwood portrait.


When you enter the trial we will immediately be given our first puzzle to solve. It isn’t something that we have not already seen before. Anyway make your way up the stairs to the right and we will find a source of magic. Interacting with it will transform the room that we are in. Head back down and the pillars will now act as a teleport. Going through it will revert the room back to the way it was. Ignore the portal for now.

In the back of the room there will be a small pedestal. Now equip the following spells ‘Depulso’, ‘Accio’, and ‘Levioso’. Use the ‘Accio’ spell to move this pedestal and place it next to the wall with the open doorway. From there activate the ‘Levioso’ spell so that the pedestal hovers in mid air. Climb it and enter the open doorway
In this next room proceed and interact with the source of magic. This will reveal a symbol on the wall. Casting magic on this symbol will rotate the pillars. These pillars act as a portal.

As we continue to cast magic on this symbol keep an eye on the portal. When you see a pedestal inside the portal use the ‘Accio’ spell in order to pull it out of the portal. This pedestal is what is blocking our exit out of the room. So once it has been removed, cast a spell on the wall to turn the pillars once again. Continue through to the next area.

We will now encounter the ‘Pensieve Protector’. Remember to equip the ‘Expelliarmus’ spell to remove their weapons for a brief period of time. The next area will reveal our next puzzle. Interact with the source of magic. Here we will form another portal.
Inside this portal there is another symbol. Activate it and the portal will move and reveal a chest. Nothing too impressive. A few mere coins. As for the portal, it will now have a statue inside of it.

Interact with the statue, it can be destroyed. However, if you look to the right there will be another symbol. It is the one we already know about but we can see it from a different angle now. Activate it so that the portal then moves. Now he can continue on and into the next area. More magic to interact with.

By interacting with this next magic source we will reveal a pedestal and a new portal to play with. Take care of the ‘Pensieve Protectors’ first. Also, do not worry the game is not bugging out. It took me some time to work it out but one of these ‘Pensieve Protectors’ can only be seen from the opposite side of the portal. So attack from the other side of the portal to eliminate it.

Pensieve Protector Hides Behind Portal

Anyway after disposing both of those we can move on. Head through the portal until you see the pedestal. You should be able to use the ‘Accio’ spell so that we can pull it through the portal. From there head back through the portal, without the pedestal.
We now need to get this pedestal back through and on to our side. Basically our end goal is to get the small and movable pedestal on to the platform opposite the portal. The platform we came in on. Then use the portal to transform it into the bigger pedestal. This then allows us to climb up this ‘bigger’ platform and onto the portal platform in the middle.

Now that we are on the portal platform in the middle of the room. Cast a basic spell on the symbol that is located on the wall. This will move the portal around and we can safely navigate on to the next area. This will then clear all of the puzzles within the trial.
All that is left to do is eliminate the remaining ‘Pensieve Protectors’ and follow the linear paths to advance the story. Remember the invisible enemy targets can be viewable through the portals.

(NOTE: In order to get both of the Duelling Feats against the Pensieve Guardian. This includes the ‘Hitting the Pensieve Guardian with Ancient Magic’ and ‘Destroy the orb that is charging up’.
For the first one attack the ‘Pensieve Guardian with a ‘L1 and R1’ attack. For the second we need to attack the orb with the same colour element. For example if the orb is in ‘yellow’ then an attack such as ‘Glacius’ will be a good pick.


After solving the puzzles and completing the necessary trial we can then re-join Professor Fig over in the Map Chamber. Here we will meet Niamh Fitzgerald.


Find the location of the second Keeper trial
Explore Charles Rookwood’s Castle
Complete Charles Rookwood’s trial


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