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Head north of the map, towards ‘North Ford Bog’. Here we will meet up with Poppy and get the latest gossip regarding the poachers and a new secret plan of theirs, known as ‘Horntail Hall’. Long story short they are up to no good and we need to act on it, fast!

After the dialogue proceed and follow Poppy. Here we will encounter a Centaur. Keep following the path and we will notice that the creatures around here are acting more aggressive, more so than normal. Perhaps there is something in the water?

We will then stop at a camp. Poppy will then want us to search the area for clues relating to the poachers. Use the ‘Revelio’ spell to help with the search. One of the clues that we can inspect is the empty cage. Perhaps a creature was trapped inside once? We can also find pelts and a recently burnt camp fire. Which suggests that the poachers may have only just recently left the area. Head around the back of the tent to find a weapon stand. It seems as though the weapons are the work of goblins.

After searching the area report back to Poppy. She will admit that she too managed to find traces of goblin work. Perhaps both the goblin and poachers have joined together and form a team of some kind? Not long into our next walk we will then come across some of the poachers. Eliminate the poachers.

After eliminating the poachers proceed and use the ‘Reparo’ spell on the damaged bridge. When you are ready proceed and inspect the poacher tent. Looks like we have managed to find ‘Horntail Hall’.

Repairing The Damaged Bridge

Use the ‘Disillusionment’ spell and take down the nearby guard. There is only one exit from here and that is through the ‘Restricted Area’. There will be more guards here. Speak with Poppy after and another scene will commence. The dragon is being tortured by poachers. We need to help it.

Head down the stairs and Poppy will locate a Dragon Egg, it is locked inside a cage that requires a ‘Level 1’ lock. Use the ‘Alohomora’ spell. Take the Dragon Egg and head into the next area to stop the poachers. When they have been eliminated we can then use the ‘Accio’ spell to free the dragon. For completing the quest we will receive the ‘Defender of Dragons’ trophy achievements.


After completing the ‘Fire and Vice’ quest Professor Weasley will get in contact with us regarding ‘Field Guide Pages’. Apparently they are required for the Transfiguration book. Meaning our next destination is over at the ‘Underground Harbour’. Which can be found outside of the ‘Central Hall’ at Hogwarts. Simply head to the ‘Central Hall’ and head outside (Viaduct Courtyard). Cross over the bridge and the gate to the harbour is on the left.

Here we can find the ‘Grey Lady’ but as soon as you even attempt to get close to her, she will fly off. Anyway, more importantly, we need the Field Guide Pages. One of which is down here, on the pier. Use the ‘Revelio’ spell to find it.

Now make your way over to the library and head up the stairs to the second floor. Up here we can find the student ‘Sophronia Franklin’. She will only give us the book as long as we take part in her quiz. We will now be asked a few questions;

QUESTION – Before the invention of the Golden Snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?
ANSWER – The Golden Snidget (Middle)

QUESTION – Which potion is commonly referred to as ‘Liquid Luck’?
ANSWER – Felix Felicis (Top)

QUESTION – The Tale of the Three Brothers involves which magical artefacts?
ANSWER – Deathly Hallows (Bottom)

QUESTION – Which ball in Quidditch is the largest?
ANSWER – The Quaffle (Bottom)

QUESTION – True or False: Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to change species?
ANSWER – False (Bottom)

Answer her questions and complete the first round of the quiz in order to continue. There will be an option to continue on to the next round of her quiz but we do not really need to do that. It is optional after the first round.

Now that we have successfully managed to complete Professor Weasley’s assignment we can then attend the ‘Transfiguration Class’. It is in ‘The Astronomy Wing’. Here we will learn the ‘Transformation’ spell. Remember to speak with Professor Weasley before we leave the room.


Well as we have already been told from a previous quest, Amit can, apparently, speak ‘Gobbledegook’. Head to the ‘Astronomy Tower’ over in ‘The Astronomy Wing’. Speak with Amit and he will agree to help us. However, he has a few things he wants to sort out first. So let us be on our way. Head south east of the ‘Hogwarts Valley’. To a place known as ‘The Mine’s Eye’. Here find and speak with Lodgok.

We now need to gain access to the ‘goblin mine’. However, the door leading to the mine is locked. It also has a strange ‘eyeball’ on top of it. If you have ever encountered the ‘mimic chests’ and worked those out then this should be easy pickings. Simply equip and use the ‘ Disillusionment’ spell. Hence ‘Mine’s Eye’. Now we need to search for evidence of Ranrok’s plan.

Having A Staring Competition With A Door

In this next area we will come across an inactive lift elevator. Apparently it works on steam. So in order to activate it we need to generate some kind of steam. Look to the left of the entrance and there will be a large boiler.
Ignite the wooden planks underneath it to begin burning fire and creating ‘steam’. We can do this by using any fire based spell, such as ‘Confringo’ for example. Ride the lift.

In this next area there will be a conveyor belt. It is currently inactive. To remedy this look for a hook that is hanging nearby. Equip the ‘Accio’ spell and this will then activate the conveyor belt. Several bags, most of which seem to contain coin will drop from the moving conveyor belt. Continue on.

Again use the ‘Accio’ spell in order to create a platform and get across the gap in the floor. Pull yourself over to the other side. Here we will confront a bunch of goblin. Here there will be another door with an eyeball, you should now know what to do in order to remedy this. Use the ‘Disillusionment’ spell.

Keep exploring the area. There will be more goblin guards up ahead. However, before we reach them there will be a nearby hot pot. Inspect the table here to find a ‘schematic’. Continue on into the next room. This will lead to a fire place. Head up the stairs and there will be more goblin guards. Eliminate those and inspect the table for another ‘schematic’.

Head back down stairs and head through the open doorway. Next to the fire place. There will be another ‘schematic’ sitting on the crate. Amit will figure out that the goblins are trying to build something and apparently, it is something big. What exactly is it?

Locating A ‘Schematic’

Continue into the next area and there will be more goblin guard. After dealing with them we will find ourselves in a room with a closed gate and either water or steam coming from it. Next to this is a huge water wheel. Hm.
Okay, this is simple enough as we have already done this kind of puzzle before. Back near the entrance. Turn your attention to the boiler and ignite it from underneath. Any fire based spell will do the trick.
From there aim and use the ‘Accio’ spell on the pipes. This will cool down the steam and allow us to progress, through the now open gate. More goblin await us.

After dealing with the goblin, once again, using the ‘ Disillusionment’ spell to get past the door. In this next room we will find the proof that we need on the table. In order to exit the area simply use a fire based spell on the boiler and then find the pipes and use ‘Accio’, this will reveal an elevator lift for us to use.

Once out of the mine we can then speak with Amit, who seems to be in a bit of a shock. Then report your finding to Lodgok who is near the boxes, overlooking the mountains.


Meet with Poppy
Complete Professor Weasley’s Assignment
Speak with Amit about Gobbledegook

Transformation, 260 XP


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